105 Year Old Persecutor of Christians Receives Jesus as Savior


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I received this in an email from one of my favorite organizations for the Gospel. If anyone is looking for a great witnessing organization to support - this one is wonderful. Gospel for Asia

Sharing the Gospel in India can be fraught with danger. Christians are routinely persecuted in ways that we cannot even imagine. Some are even tortured or killed because of their faith. It is not an easy life.

In spite of the obstacles, God is moving in a mighty way among the people of India. Hearts are being radically changed. In the east Indian state of Tripura, those with a long history of persecuting Christians are turning toward faith in Jesus Christ. Recently a 105-year-old man who had always been hostile to Christians accepted Jesus as his Savior. Read the amazing story of this centenarian's decision to follow Christ. http://www.gfa.org/newsupdate121906?motiv=WA6C-G2LP

As this article reminds you of God's amazing grace, please make time to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in India.


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Thank you Ruth for posting this - what an incredible story! I do support this organization - it is fantastic. :thumbup