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    Happy Birthday mattfivefour(Adrian)!

    Happy Birthday
  2. J

    Stephen Hawking announces 100 Million hunt for alien life my understanding..Hawking wasn't always atheist..or was he? Lol..don't feel like looking up his bio..but that's what I remember. 100 million that could go towards many other and fruitful's like some people that have lots of money have nothing better to do than to: try to...
  3. J

    California college will now ask students to pick from 6 genders

    I am a Capricorn..there better be a box for that...I choose that as my identity and gender..a goat fish.
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    Gay Man Files $70M Suit Against Bible Publishers Over ‘Homosexual’ Verses

    Well..have everyone sue over verses that offend them.. You know before I repented of my sins...the Bible was offensive..or just silly to me..but I wouldn't take the time to start a lawsuit. If ya don't like it, don't read it. I want to sue the supreme court for many reasons...they cause me...
  5. J

    New Pope can't get rid of old Pope smell

    Looks like the Pope used Pope-ourri, get it? Potpourri/Pope-ourri?
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    The Random Passing Remark Thread

    That is pretty cute!
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    New Pope can't get rid of old Pope smell

    He'd rather have that new car smell. Try some of those pine tree air fresheners for the to get rid of old Jack-In-the Box smell.
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    CNN Report on History Channel's The Bible using an Obama look alike as Satan

    Lol, yep, slow news day...but then again, when does CNN report news? Or many other news outlets? lol.
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    Merry Christmas to all! Having a hard time a's just having to go to a house where they are all strongly atheist. Prayer isn't allowed in the house, we've had to hear numerous Jesus jokes throughout the years..but Christmas is a big deal to them, for the gifts. They do up quite a...
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    Owebama's works of evil behind the scenes. I am not the only one who noticed zero tears..I was like, what is he wiping? There are no tears. Media said he wiped tears...but I was like no, he wiped a dry face.
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    What are yall having for Thanksgiving dinner?

    Adrian, I thought you were Canadian after laughing at that mini van joke a while back:). Something about car theft was one of the top crimes in Can..and that it was surprising as my husband said most drive mini vans up Trying to stay warm I guess. He's still on his green...
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    will America fall before the Rapture ?

    With the way things are going..who knows.
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    What are yall having for Thanksgiving dinner?

    Haha, lol..we don't live near that area but thanks though! Hugs!
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    What are yall having for Thanksgiving dinner?

    Not sure yet, lol..hubs got laid off, so we will most likely be mooching this year! LOL. We will be moochin from someone somewhere! lol. Green bean casserole wouldn't be too expensive to make..I made some not too long ago..turned out alright. But green bean casserole? Much better things out...
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    6.4 million "evangelicals" voted for Obama. Why?

    They are deceived and we must pray for them. My state was still white, as were many and votes not counted before calling O as the winner. It honestly makes no sense to me why people voted for O. with the unemployment more being my hubs as of yesterday. It's flat out deception. My...
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    America is on course for being abandoned by God

    Practicing my rapture jumps, lol. Good thing we will never be abandoned by God, we are His.