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    Moderna vaccine Chief MEDICAL Officer sold almost all his shares in the company!

    The name of the book is "Hebrews", not "Shebrews". ~Dr. Andy Woods
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    From Robinmc, post #22 Most likely I will feel rotten for a couple of weeks, then recover, at which point I won't need a vaccine, since it would be pointless to inject dead virus cells into me to build antibodies I already have from contracting the actual virus. Also, you're fired, as my doctor.
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    Mark Taylor (Q Anon promoter and Firefighter "Prophet")

    I just want to mention that I don't think that "Babylon" or "Mystery Babylon" is destroyed by Satan to make way for the Pseudo-christ. It is clear from Scripture that the Beast and the Harlot exist simultaneously, that the Beast supports her, and that she is destroyed by the Beast's allies, by...
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    Now to Him who is able to keep us from stumbling...

    Our reality is going to utterly change in a fraction of a moment. We will be worrying about our jobs, or one of the kids has a nasty cough, or the city mayor has threatened fines for not wearing a mask, or there is a crowd of "protesters" gathering downtown, or the doctor came back with a bad...
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    Trump’s foreign policy looks a lot like Rapture Christians’ plan to welcome the apocalypse

    Ha! Ha! What a silly idea! We won't be around to "welcome the apocalypse", since we will have already been caught away by our Lord Jesus!
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    My inference is that, for those who have been to seminary, at least, the Pre-Trib Rapture is seen as an anti-intellectual teaching. For most of church history, most of the well-known Church leaders--Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant--have taught some form of amillenialism, because replacement...
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    Here is a good article explaining differences between the Rapture and the Second Coming (I got it from the list of articles that Chris posted--thanks, Chris!)
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    "Secret Rapture" is a phrase used primarily by the PTR detractors, and rarely by its proponents. Consider Saul's meeting with Christ on the road to Damascus. They saw a light, and heard a voice, but could not discern what was being said. (Acts 9:7, 22:9). Or, John 12:28-29, where God the...
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    There are soul-winners among post-trib believers.
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    It is the old "expect the best, but prepare for the worst" adage. Which can be helpful when dealing with regular life, but we are talking about a time of judgment, the purpose of which has been clearly explained in Scripture. Daniel 9:24 "Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon...
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    At the Rapture, we meet our Lord Jesus in the air. At the Second Coming, the Lord Jesus physically stands on the earth.
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    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    We will know which of our Spiritual siblings rejected the Pre-Trib Rapture, because they will be the ones who will be going up feet-first, clutching mounds of turf in each fist. ;9 Remember the "88 Reasons" pamphlet? I was in 8th grade. I had always "believed" in the Rapture, but that...
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    Rightly Dividing the Rapture

    Just say, "Sorry; the Lord Jesus warned me to not let you take my crown."
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    UFOs Explaining Away the Rapture?

    I believe God had Ezekiel wrote about seeing the "wheels in wheels" visions in part so that we latter day believers would know that the UFO phenomena were demonic and not space aliens. If the "living creatures" (Cherubim/Seraphim) used "flying saucers", then demons would, too. Also, it seems...
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    Rightly Dividing the Rapture

    There are so many little clues like that, that must be ignored in order to reject the Pretrib Rapture. Like, the Church not being mentioned after Chapter 3, until Chapter 22. In Revelation 3:8, Jesus tells the Church at Philadelphia that He has set before them an open door. In Chapter 4, verse...
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    Rightly Dividing the Rapture

    I just finished listening to the Dr. Tommy Ice and Paul Wilkinson video where they do a critical analysis of the "Left Behind or Led Astray" video. The false assertions and outlandish claims made by the LBoLA video are enraging. For example: the narrator posts the "gotcha" question to Pre-Trib...
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    Rightly Dividing the Rapture

    I see anything other than a Pre-Tribulation Rapture teaching as a works-based salvation. Christians have to "prove" their devotion by suffering through the Tribulation.
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    Rightly Dividing the Rapture

    Whatever they imagine they will be doing during the Tribulation (thankfully, as believers, they won't have to endure it) is probably wrong. There will be no hiding out in a bunker with seven years' worth of dried beans and potable water. The demonic world will be literally unleashed. No one...
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    Gog dispensationalist vs other views

    From what I remember, Dr. Andy Woods places the Ezekiel 38 war just before the midpoint of rhe Tribulation, based on his understanding that the result of the E38 war is Israel turning in faith to Christ, and consequent rejection of the Pseudo-christ.
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    The Five Judgments

    Excellent analogy, in my opinion. My brothers-in-law do the "high endurance" 100 mile races, and just finishing one, at all, is laudatory, nevermind "winning" the thing.