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  1. TrustinHim

    Christians who believe the Rapture is a Lie.

    I know christian people who are not hostile so much as indifferent. Their kid is going to be the quarterback and wedding plans for the daughter etc.. they have the good life far from urban unrest. Well won't they be surprised.
  2. TrustinHim

    Russia, China Investing in Submarines to Threaten U.S. Homeland: Pentagon

    Technology gen. given a :eek2:hehee:idunno map and compass,
  3. TrustinHim

    Highest viewed Covid Video banned by YouTube, Google & FaceBook

    Just like the "enemy " to use someone with crazy stuff in their past words to discredit the truth about affordable treatments that could derail the health scare. Now they can lump every pro hydroxy proponent in with crazy Doc.
  4. TrustinHim

    Highest viewed Covid Video banned by YouTube, Google & FaceBook

    The big pharma and NWO crowd just love the idea of stampeding the masses with scary stories (lies) to fleece them and destroy their economic security thus they will have to come hat in hand for their sustenance. No more of that troublesome liberty and independence.
  5. TrustinHim

    Crowds launch fireworks at brewery, draw guns on drivers as riots spread from Portland to smaller Oregon city

    I suspect you are right. As soon as numbers of anarchists get shot the MSM will declare It is Trump's fault for condemning the riots.
  6. TrustinHim

    Do animals worship God?

    Mine too and I can't see a bug etc. On the ceiling.
  7. TrustinHim

    Existing drug may downgrade COVID threat to common cold level — Jerusalem study

    Hmmm.. Maybe there's grounds for ending all the shutdowns soon!
  8. TrustinHim

    China Sending Dozens of Mysterious Seeds to Multiple States. Authorities warn: Do not plant!

    Maybe they're giant venus fly trap plants like the 1950's horror movies.
  9. TrustinHim

    More than 2,000 Portland demonstrators take to street for 57th night in a row, clash with feds

    Actually the leftist anarchists are being allowed to get away with all this destruction. Our military needs to be turned loose on them and politicians that have collaborated arrested. They are not powerful, just unopposed.
  10. TrustinHim

    Rep. Upton says if the FDA approves, Pfizer can have a vaccine ready by October

    I cannot stop thinking about Mr Gates beliefs about dramatic global population reduction and I will never trust any vaccination that he has had a hand in.
  11. TrustinHim

    More than 2,000 Portland demonstrators take to street for 57th night in a row, clash with feds

    Its going to be brute force I'm afraid to put down the anarchists. They don't respond to reason and have been allowed to feel that they have the upper hand. So now direct overwhelming force to clear out and detain the guilty has become the only effective response. Additionally; I know this is...
  12. TrustinHim

    Portland mayor demands Trump keep federal agents 'in your own buildings, or have them leave our city'

    While it seems like a good lesson for the lawless political leaders. They are committing open sedition in defiance of Federal law and the obligation to uphold the laws of the state and are therefore not legitimate legal authorities. Those cities are American cities and politicians have a sworn...
  13. TrustinHim

    Gloom, Doom, and Manipulative Mayors

    The tsunami of lies continues unabated :ohno
  14. TrustinHim

    The woman who I think will be Joe Biden's running mate

    Babylon bee is a satire website.
  15. TrustinHim

    The woman who I think will be Joe Biden's running mate

    Us Michigan folks would like to be rid of her. But I fear that she might draw enough votes plus fraudulent ballots to get the win. And...many think Biden will be immediately replaced by the Vice president think Hillary's younger sister.
  16. TrustinHim

    LAPD 'top shot' officer sued for shooting, killing man who advanced with a 'box cutter'

    Hope it doesn't hurt her case but she is a high profile competitor in 3 gun type shooting competition. I have a recent article about her in a dillon magazine. A female deputy in Grand Ledge mi. Was in a fatal shooting with a knife wielding man who actually reached her and slapped her gun after...
  17. TrustinHim

    Couple under house arrest for coronavirus

    The tests are very often a false positive, did the person have the flu vaccine recently? And to restrict the citizens liberty without due process and representation is a direct violation of civil rights. If this person doesn't have the virus in a second test it's a slam dunk lawsuit.
  18. TrustinHim

    Portland sees weeks of unrest, guess who Dem mayor tells to stay home?

    This is apparently the only way to get control over the anarchy that is going on. When corrupt politicians won't protect the rights and safety of common citizens they are now accomplices.
  19. TrustinHim

    Governor of Vermont outrageous tweet

    John 3:19 and this is the condemnation that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. Likewise they hate Christians.
  20. TrustinHim

    Nick Cannon: White people “less compassionate” cause “less melatonin” “more savage” and “closer to animals”

    Curious how a guy who was involved with talent shows and met literally hundreds of white contestants has such a completely illogical concept of race and history.