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    God has this

    Nothing is happening these days that God didn't already know about, even before He said "Let there be light." "We cast all our care upon Him, because He cares for us." God is not a curmudgeon. He isnt an automaton. He isn't an impersonal force that we have to manipulate through magic spells...
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    Krakatoa is erupting

    The volcano famously erupted in 1883 with the force of over 10,000 Atomic bombs.
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    Gog-Magog invasion timing

    I have scanned through the stickied articles concerning the differences between the Ezekiel 38 war and Armageddon, but is there a dedicated article explaining the difference between the Ezekiel War and the final "battle" at the end of the Millenial Kingdom?
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    Pizza Dough Recipe

    This is a recipe my brother invented, after years of research: ****************/pXu72a9oB6w
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    Rambling Thoughts

    New Jerusalem is stated to be 1,400 miles long on each side, and 1,400 miles tall. The "floor" of the city is, then 1,960,000 square miles, a little over half the size of the continental U.S. If New Jerusalem were divided into levels, each a mile high, that would be 1,400 levels, each...
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    The Kingdom Parables--Matthew 13

    I have listened to several Bible teachers--Jack Kelly being the most recent--discuss the Kingdom Parables in Matthew 13. It isn't clear to me if the teachers think these parables apply to the Church Age, or to the Millenial Kingdom. Dr. Andy Woods makes a detailed case about the "Kingdom of...
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    Guess who
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    Very nostalgic

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    No such thing as being born homosexual
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    Good song

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    When you see someone post a rainbow

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    Another sign we are living in the End Times

    The Gideon Bible in my hotel side table drawer was ESV.
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    You cannot be prepared

    “Pray for Pre, Prepare for Post.” The above statement refers to the timing of the Catching Away of the Church. The teaching of a Pretribulational Rapture is that the Church is Caught up prior to the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel chapter 9). Every other position (“Mid-trib”...
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    Israel and the Mark of the Beast

    I guess the answer to the following question would depend on the timing of the False Prophet's imposition of the Beast's Mark, but if the requirement to get the Mark is,prior to the Abomination that causes Desolation, is Israel excluded? Would that be part of the covenant that the Pseudo-Christ...
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    D&D and the Bible

    "D&D" is in the title as clickbait. Sort of. Have you ever played the Parker Bros. board game called "Risk"? It is a rules-light game of "global conquest, invented in 1959. And I really mean "rules light". "Axis and Allies" is more complex, but even it is comparatively rules light, when...
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    "It is finished"

    There is a semi-popular interpretation of Jesus shout of "It is finished!" while on the cross. It is claimed that the word can mean "paid in full", and that it was written across debts that had been settled. Really cool idea, but I like to make sure something is correct before I start saying it...
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    What do you think: too vituperative?

    Every eschatological position excepting the pretribulation catching away of the Church is a works-based salvation that denies Christ's completed work on the cross. If, for argument's sake, the Rapture of the Church doesnt occur prior to Daniel's 70th week, ...then us pretribbers will be the only...
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    Shirley Temple

    I listen to several different podcasts as I work; several of them are produced by Parcast. They have a series called, "The Dark Side of...", and, true to the name, the episodes published so far have been fairly dark. They have an episode about Shirley Temple, that is a little different. They...
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    Is Matthew 18:22 a math problem?

    “I tell you, not as many as seven,” Jesus replied, “but seventy times seven." Most translations say "seventy times seven"; the Nearly Inspired Version and the Ever Suspect Version say "seventy-seven times". I copied the phrase from the Reina-Valera Spanish Bible into Google Translate, and it...
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    Salvation and the Law before Jesus

    Suppose a Hebrew who lived prior to Christ took the stance that he would believe in the coming Messiah for salvation, but that he would not keep the Mosaic Law. Could such a person be saved?