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  1. Ducati

    Messianic Congregations....?

    Matthew 7:22,23 The other day while speaking with a couple of JW's, a very kind, gracious guy walked up and engaged in our conversation - he is a member of a local Messianic Congregation here where I live. To make a long conversation short - we walked away from the JW's and he started out our...
  2. Ducati

    Advise with Real Estate Inheritance

    Greetings my Christian Friends. On New Years Eve my wife's 92 year old grandmother passed away - the most kindest gracious person I think I have ever known. She was born and raised in Belgium during WW2 (oh the stories of Nazi war plains flying over head they could tell). Her and her husband...
  3. Ducati

    Answering ?.....or asking ?.....which one ?

    Over the years in my Christian life and walking with The Lord Jesus Christ, I have found myself being the one answering most questions my friends, family, and coworkers have regarding the Bible, God, and Christianity. I can remember as far back as 10 years old my friends asking things. I pose...
  4. Ducati

    Allow me to express some feelings...

    To be honest...I usually never read long posts and never write long posts , so forgive me this one time. Without going into to much detail I'll try to be brief and to the point. Back in April this year I left my job (Coca-Cola) after 16 years. I made 51k annually , I left due to overwhelming...
  5. Ducati

    The book....."The Secret".....anyone ?

    Was recommended by my neighbor. I am always leery about books recommend by someone who is not saved. Is anyone familiar with this book...."The Secret" ?
  6. Ducati

    What is "The Word of God"?

    WHAT IS "THE WORD OF GOD"? Is it our KJV or the NIV , or some other translation paraphrase ? Is it the Dead Sea Scrolls and the other thousands of other manuscripts found over the centuries ? What exactly "IS" The Word of God ? I pose this question because I'm always critical about other...
  7. Ducati

    Homosexual friends ?

    Wasn't sure how to title this thread but was just wondering....? How does a Born Again Christian have , keep , or make friends with someone who is gay ? I WAS friends with a gay couple till they discovered I was against it , yet all along I KNEW they were gay - they cut me off like a bad habit...
  8. Ducati

    Eternal Posts

    this HTML class. I deleted it.
  9. Ducati

    Christian living standards

    Are we as Christians given or instructed by Scripture to live by a particular standard ? I STRONGLY believe and think we are. Or do we just take the "no condemnation" , "whom the Son has set free" , "He chose me" , "no one can remove me from His hand" aproach to living ? The lost have no standard.
  10. Ducati

    Honor thy mother.....wife ?

    Is there Biblical reference in the wedding vows to honor your wife as you would your mother ? My mother has been passed since 1997. I got married in 2002. I honor , respect , and care for my wife as I would my mother. Is this an appropriate approach or am I taking it to fare ?
  11. Ducati

    Shoulder replacement anyone ?

    Have you had a shoulder replacement surgery ? Any tips on how long the recovery and how you feel now ? My wife had one back in September , in PT now , looking for insight on recovery time. Thanks.
  12. Ducati

    What is "The Word of God" ?

    I hold in my hand a King James Holy Bible - I believe it is The Word of God - and have read and believed it my whole life - and still do. I get in a debate with my brother over this "Message Bible" all the time. I tell him its a perversion of Gods Word , he says "why, cause its not KJV"? God put...
  13. Ducati

    Steelers going for the 7th ring.

    It's in the air. Steelers will get there 7th Super Bowl ring this year. God told me this. :)
  14. Ducati

    Debt Consolidation advise....

    Want to consolidate 2 credit cards...whats the best route ?
  15. Ducati

    Haters using Old Testament to judge...

    Mockers , haters , unbelievers , and atheists like to use Old Testament serimonal laws and principles to justify there hate towards Christians and God's Word. What is a good defense or response to this kind of attack from the ignorance of these people ?
  16. Ducati

    Tax time - give some , take advise.

    My state has no state tax so my question is a federal one. My wife will have maybe 5 W2's for 2014 , all together not totaling more then $1000 TOPS ! Is it necessary that she even file if she didn't make much ? Is there a minimum or a maximum ?
  17. Ducati

    What makes a....."man" ?

    How does a man feel like he's a man when he's always looked at like a boy ? Personally speaking - I have many "child like" ways , but I'm not "childish" in any way. I have many attributes that would be considered in most eyes to have never grown up or out of ; like , I like video games and pizza...
  18. Ducati

    Corporate Worship. ..?

    Typical Hill Song style of P&W , not a big fan of it. My feeling...?...the moving of the "spirit" is more collective hype then the "Holy" Spirit. This image is from a local church here in my town. I refuse to attend due to too much boardway extravaganza.
  19. Ducati

    Man Caves......

    Show us your man cave - or that special place you find yourself more then often. Lol
  20. Ducati

    RF members / participation

    There is only 56 members to RF....? I remember more , has there been another Exodus ?