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    is there anything that makes you hair grow faster?

    i have short hair due to the fact a shaved it all when i pulled some of my hair out its only just up to the nape of the neck its been like this for a long time ( not my choice ) i want to grow it very long but is there anything i can use to make it stronger and longer ?
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    how many days until....

    how many days is there until Christmas ? maybe we should start counting ? just a thought ? looking forward to it this year more than any other year and plus am back here i hope you are all doing well :bouncies
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    my story

    i was born into a Roman Catholic Family i have an older sister we would go to church with our female family member ( she would say where going to hell ) and we also went to a Roman Catholic primary School the teachers and priest where abusive mental abuse and sexual to both me and my sister...
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    al qaeda kills at least 27 in burkina attacks i hope its ok to post this link there animals i dont and ill never understand the taking of life call them animals is wrong animals kill for food these people kill to met there own ends Please Jesus come soon
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    i read revelations 1 -6

    I unsure if this is the right place for this for a very long time i have been scared to read revelations part of the bible because of members of my family who made me scared of that part of the bible they also told me that i am going to hell for most of my life av been too scared to do...
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    Hi my name is Ella am 39 from Scotland Am married with no children I have mental health problems , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression . My OCD sometimes makes me have blasphemous thoughts , but there only thought i would never post anything like what my thoughts tell me Am a...