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  1. Majik Imaje

    Do we have an "Artists" Section for Art - Work?

    It seems to me; that this board should have a section for Artists to display? Art Work. Yea or Nay? A coin operated Electric Chess game is no such thing; but by using my imagination - I created ONE, Using 3D Studio Max!
  2. Majik Imaje

    Valentine's Day

    Created in 3D Studio Max
  3. Majik Imaje

    Bible Trivia

    Let's have some fun and play a "bible" game. Trivia questions ! This should grow into a very interesting thread filled with fun facts to challenge all of us. Question: What is the only thing "man made" that is in heaven.
  4. Majik Imaje

    Isaiah 19:19

    When I discovered this verse - (EARTHQUAKE).!! !! !! WoWoW!! "In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord." The Pillar of Enoch ?? An incredible stunning fascinating journey back in time. A two hour DVD...
  5. Majik Imaje

    inscription in the Cathedral of the Old City at Lubeck in Germany;

    The following is a translation of an inscription in the Cathedral of the Old City at Lubeck in Germany; Thus speaketh Christ our Lord to us: Ye call Me Master, and obey Me not; Ye call Me Light, and see Me not; Ye call Me Way, and walk Me not; Ye call Me...
  6. Majik Imaje

    Which book in the bible is exactly like the entire bible ?

    There are 12 reasons to list of why this one book is exactly like the entire bible.
  7. Majik Imaje

    Arctic Life Thru Majik's Lens

    Different people eat different foods.
  8. Majik Imaje

    The Queen of Sheba.. .. Tested Solomon with many hard questions.

    Gosh I sure want to know what some of those questions were; I have searched everything I could find & read of the life of Solomon in hopes of finding some information about that visit she paid to him. We know she didn't believe the reports She traveled as all Kings/ Queens did - with her...
  9. Majik Imaje

    Jesus Wept

    The shortest verse in the entire bible "Jesus Wept" (John 11:35) We all know the story; Lazarus is dead; Jesus knows he is going to raise Lazarus from the dead. So the question is - Why is He crying? No! He is not crying because of their doubts. He is crying BECAUSE - He had to call...
  10. Majik Imaje

    High in the Arctic - Eskimo !!

    Hello my precious friends in Christ; I was invited to join here and I am glad to have made the move. I hope I can contribute some knowledge and fun to make your days 'brighter".