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  1. Dana

    Battle for Britain’s Soul

    I don't know why but I think that the Lord still has plans not just for the U.S. but for the U.K. as well. I think he'll be using both countries to help get the gospel out one last time before judgement comes. Anyways its just feeling is all.
  2. Dana

    Facebook Has An Ambitious Plan To Deliver Internet To Everyone In The World

    You couldn't pay me enough money to be on Facebook, twitter, or any social media.
  3. Dana

    Facebook Has An Ambitious Plan To Deliver Internet To Everyone In The World

    If Zuckerburg is for it then you know it's something you need to be leary of.
  4. Dana

    Spicer: Western Wall 'clearly in Jerusalem'

    It sounds like Trump needs to clean house over at the American Embassy.
  5. Dana

    New Evidence Seth Rich was Wikileaks Source, NOT Russia

    She's definately a law breaker
  6. Dana

    Why is H. Clinton not in Jail?

    It bet you anything that Tribunals aren't to far down the road. I don't believe for one second that Trump is going to allow law breakers to go free. He won't care who they are or how much money they have. If he's got air tight evidence against the swamp he'll bring it forward.
  7. Dana

    The Ultimate Falsehood

    The only way this can even take place is if so called Christians turn their back on the real word of God. There are so many bad versions of the Bible, and so many deceived men coming out of the seminaries who don't believe the Word of God is true anymore, because they turned their backs on the...
  8. Dana

    So much for obstructing Trumps agenda

    This is what happens when you allow your party to be hijacked by left wing nut jobs who ruin it. President Trump can pretty much do what ever he wants to, just like Obama could have if he wanted to between 2008-2010. Instead Obama thought he had plenty of time to ruin our country. I guess he...
  9. Dana

    America’s Retailers Are Closing Stores Faster Than Ever

    I refuse to buy clothes or anything that I have to fit to my body. I have to stand in a mirror and actually see the clothing on me to see if I want to buy it. I don't get this buying stuff online that you haven't tried on yourself first?
  10. Dana

    Exclusive: North Korean ships head home after China orders coal returned

    This is what happens when you have a president who speaks softly but carries a big stick, and shows the rest of the world that he or she isn't afraid to use said stick. China hasn't done anything with N. Korea because they weren't being force to.
  11. Dana

    Depression and Anxiety Is Now the Leading Causes of Illness and Disability Worldwide

    Hmmm and we all know who was in the White House during the majority of those 10 years. Seems as though it wasn't just America that he was affecting.
  12. Dana

    Three Terrible Consequences When a Nation Rejects God

    This is why so many Christians voted for Trump. He'll be putting another Anthony Scalia on the bench to make sure things are held in check.
  13. Dana

    The Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem quietly

    Glad to see he is keeping his word on this promise too.
  14. Dana

    Who’s To Blame For Christian Bookstore Closures?

    I don't mind negative news or articles, if they are pointing out an undeniable fact. This article is spot on and I can't remember the last time I walked into a Christian Book Store. If they insist on allowing heretical pastors and unbiblical material in their store, then I have no time for them...
  15. Dana

    Sermon Trump heard right before Inauguration

    Robert Jeffress has a huge Baptist church down here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He has repeated spoken out in public about marriage should be between a man and a women only, and that JESUS is the only way to heaven. He is fearless, so fearless that he agreed to go on Bill Maher's show. He is...
  16. Dana

    Trump Fires Up Europe's Anti-Establishment Movement

    George Soros funded over 50 groups this weekend. If Soros had to fund them I question just how rabid they really are? Doesn't matter they can march every day that Trump is in the White House and it won't change a thing. This is a GOD thing and no one can thwart him.
  17. Dana

    Trump UN envoy pick slams settlements resolution as 'the ultimate low'

    There is a new sheriff in town now ya'll, and she ain't playin.
  18. Dana

    NObama In 24 Hours

    Free at last praise THE LORD free at last.:wooo
  19. Dana

    Obama gives $500 million to climate fund over GOP objections

    Enjoy that 500 million because I'm pretty sure Trump won't be giving them one dime for the next 8 years.