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  1. Kenny

    Redskins cannot move to new stadium unless team name changes: report

    But why? What's wrong with watching football, I don't get it. :idunno
  2. Kenny

    He Knows His Bible

    I came across this going through my MIL's old pictures and such. A prospective young preacher was being interviewed by the Deacons of a congregation. When asked by the Deacons if he knew the Bible, he replied' "Yes, fairly well." One asked, "What part of the Bible do you know best?" The...
  3. Kenny

    WATCH: Police Body Cam Footage Challenges Narrative On Death Of Rayshard Brooks

    Yup, and they are expecting us to not believe our lying eyes.:confused:
  4. Kenny

    T-Mobile and others down across the country

    No problems here that I'm aware of (AT&T) in north Texas.
  5. Kenny

    Bolton has Bolted

    I said good riddance when Trump fired him, and after his 15 minutes of fame with his book, I will say good riddance again. I once was a John Bolton fan also.:(
  6. Kenny

    Renaming Military Bases?

    Is this a bill they voted on, and if so, I wonder if Trump will veto it. He has said we are not changing the names of the bases. :idunno
  7. Kenny

    Communists/Antifa take over six city blocks in Seattle

    It's kinda like Spam is it not? :D
  8. Kenny

    Barr says familiar names among those DOJ is investigating in Durham probe, calls findings 'very troubling'

    Mr. Barr, come on out with that Durham report already. We have been waiting long enough, and I hope there are some indictments of some big name swamp creatures, but I won't hold my breath on that.
  9. Kenny


    I read it, but I reckon it sounds pretty weird with my Texas drawl, ya'll know.
  10. Kenny

    George W. Bush and Mitt Romney Won’t Support Trump in 2020, While Some GOP Officials Consider Voting for Biden

    Great post, you said everything I was thinking, and I would add that all these people cited in this NEW YORK TIMES article, probably didn't vote for Trump in 2016. The NYT's spin here is to try to make Trump supporters believe the GOP is turning on Trump, and I believe it is fake news. If I had...
  11. Kenny

    Seems Like We Are Having a Convergence of Evil!

    Wow, you're a pretty old codger ain't ya.:prophet Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  12. Kenny

    Butler County Sheriff: ‘I don’t kneel for any cause’

    Well, the left wing google news article sure made sure to put that this Sheriff was big Trump supporter didn't they? Just more hatred of Trump. I'll be glad when Trump can do some more rallies, but that may not happen. Trump 2020!
  13. Kenny

    George Floyd's Death

    Ok, thanks
  14. Kenny

    George Floyd's Death

    Is the second autopsy being done now? Do you know when we can hear the results of that? Thanks
  15. Kenny

    George Floyd's Death

    Yes sir he is. I just don't know what is going to stop these mindless thugs aside from real force coming to bear.
  16. Kenny

    George Floyd's Death

    Yeah, that Mayor is weak, and doesn't seem to know what to do.
  17. Kenny

    George Floyd's Death

    OK, thanks
  18. Kenny

    George Floyd's Death

    Borrowed time, back in your post #101, you linked to a Daily wire article saying that Trump ordered the Army to ready it's Military police to respond in MN. But when I clicked on it about 30 minutes ago, it had an update to it that said Trump did not order Army to do said response. Fake news it...