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  1. Lovin Jesus

    With Roberts' Vote, SCOTUS Shoots Down Challenge on Church Service Limits During Coronavirus Lockdown

    A divided Supreme Court on Friday rejected an emergency appeal by a California church that challenged state limits on attendance at worship services that have been imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Over the dissent of the four more conservative justices, Chief Justice John...
  2. Lovin Jesus

    No more W.H.O

    President Trump just terminated relationship with W.HO and is publicly condemning China in a press conference
  3. Lovin Jesus

    Protesting Turn Violent

    On Tuesday in Minneapolis Minnesota a suspect died due to a police officer who pressed his knee on the suspects throat. The police officer and four other officers were fired when a private video was released to the media. Last night protesting broke out In Minneapolis and continued today and...
  4. Lovin Jesus

    Second Terrorist Attack on a US Naval Base Since December

    A gunmans attack at a Naval base in Corpus Cristi Texas today Is being treated as an act of terrorism. The shooter was Neutralized and the facility was placed under lockdown. One sailer was injured. It’s not certain if this attack is related to the attack at Pensacola Naval Airbase in December...
  5. Lovin Jesus

    Can someone help me with a problem with posting replies?

    Everything has been fine up until today. When I’m on a thread and go to post a reply everything is fine using the keyboard but when I try to use any of the icons in the space above, ie; the smileys, it doesn’t work anymore. Everything in that space looks faded out and when I click on them...
  6. Lovin Jesus

    Here we go again with impeachment

    According to dated May 18,2020 Dems tell Supreme Court of “ ongoing” new impeachment inquiry on President Trump in effort to obtain Mueller materials. Democrats are including in their investigation “ the improper political influence over recent decisions made in the Roger Stone and...
  7. Lovin Jesus

    Life After Death Experiences

    I have heard of so many people claiming they have had a life after death experience with almost all of them saying they saw a “ light” and some having seen people or Jesus in heaven before “ coming back” to life. Is there any biblical reference to support these experiences ?
  8. Lovin Jesus

    China is getting specific in their threats

    Fox News contributor Gordon Chang says that China is rattled by US pushing for lawsuits for damages caused by Covid 19 and investigations for Chinas role in the origins of the Coronavirus and named specific US Lawmakers Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley and Missouri AG Eric Schmitt saying they want to...
  9. Lovin Jesus

    FBI serves Republican Senator Richard Burr With Search Warrant

    Fox News reports that the FBI has served Sen. Burr with a search warrant and seized his cell phone as he is under investigation amid stock trading controversy
  10. Lovin Jesus

    Paul Manafort released

    Paul Manafort, President Trumps 2016 Presidential election campaign manager has been released due to coronavirus fears. He was swept into Robert Muellers hoax Russia Probe and was prosecuted and found guilty on something that had nothing to do with the Russia probe
  11. Lovin Jesus

    Breaking news on Michael Flynn case

    Just came in on Fox News that the judge involved in the prosecution of Michael Flynn has decided to hold off on an immediate resolution on the decision of the DOJ to drop the case.
  12. Lovin Jesus

    The Book Of Life Revelation 3:5, Revelation 17:8 vs The Lambs Book Of Life Revelation 13:8, Revelation 21:10

    I’m wondering whether these books are both one and the same or if they are different somehow. I searched some Christian sites with bible commentary for information but there seems to be difference in opinions. I’m really interested in knowing if there’s a difference or if they are the same book...
  13. Lovin Jesus

    CA Governor Newsom has done it now.

    This is from Friday May 9, 2020. Reading from Politico California the heading for the article is: California becomes first state to make November an all-mail ballot election. Of course this is under absolute opposition by the GOP
  14. Lovin Jesus

    NFL Season 2020

    NFL season schedule to be released Thursday May 7
  15. Lovin Jesus

    I’m excited!

    I was looking through rapture ready webpage just looking at the different articles written by different friends. Well as I was looking, I Came across a book I hadn’t seen. The writer is Terry James and the book he wrote is called, Discerners: Analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of...
  16. Lovin Jesus

    California's worst of the worst bills

    California's 39 million residents are getting ready for their economy to re-open. Gov. Gavin Newsom says schools could open as early as July. He's also looking to open businesses that are able to practice social distancing earlier than that. Next week, California lawmakers go back to the state...
  17. Lovin Jesus

    Can I please have a prayer request post removed?

    The prayer request title is: prayer request for my breathing problem. Thank you in advance
  18. Lovin Jesus

    Help....Website keeps crashing

    I don’t know what’s going on but a few times now I go onto the forum and a glitch occurs and I lose the forum page and a message appears saying a problem repeatedly occurred, rapture forum threads webpage has crashed but I just try again and the page opens up. But this has happened a few times...
  19. Lovin Jesus

    California Governor Gavin Newsom is being sued

    According to reporting on Fox News there is a lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom. California Governor Newsom decided he would take 75 million dollars of taxpayer money to give illegal immigrants $500.00 each so they wouldnt be left out from getting a stimulus payment. Attorney Harmeet Dhillon...
  20. Lovin Jesus

    I have a question and need a little help for direction please

    I want to add my birthday to the birthday calendar but I don’t know how. Any ideas?