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  1. FaithnHope

    Dividing Israel

    So everyone is arguing on YouTube about this Deal of the Century but I have a question that hasn’t come up. Wasn’t Israel already divided when they gave her the land in 1948? She has NEVER had all the land that the Lord gave her since the Holocaust. My point being, if that’s so, then this deal...
  2. FaithnHope

    Southern Living

    My husband and I are considering a move south. What is your favorite state to live in and why? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  3. FaithnHope

    Perry Stone

    I need quick help. A friend sent me a video of his to watch and I see so many red flags. He claims we have powers that I just don’t see in the Bible, i.e. command over angels here and now. Taking control over spirits. Our whole house being saved because we claimed it and Joshua said, “as for me...
  4. FaithnHope

    The Salvation Army The Salvation Army Embraces All People Salvation Army commander: Yes, we are faith-based charity. But we serve and love everyone. Salvation Army vows LGBTs are welcome A Place to Call Home Salvation Army Insists...
  5. FaithnHope

    New Member

    Hi, I’m Brenda and I’ve known Jesus most of my life. I was officially saved and baptized at the age of 10. My grandpa was baptized with me! I spent most of my young life praying he’d know Jesus - sharing that special day with him was a big hug from the Lord. I’ve always been a watcher much to...