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  1. vbf

    Force Majeure

    Another brilliant piece offered by Mr. Garcia. When put together like this, it really makes a lot of sense.
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    Islamic State prisoners seize control in Syrian prison

    Can you even begin to imagine when, post-Rapture, US prisons experience similar circumstances during which thousands upon thousands of very dangerous people escape into a world free of the Restrainer?
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    European Collapse: German Finance Minister Commits Suicide

    When one's life isn't built upon the Solid Rock then one only has human reason and resources on which to lean during difficult times. Human capacities often buckle under the weight of life, and without the strength that only comes from The Lord, one is helpless and hopeless against the raging...
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    How digital surveillance in virus fight watches you more closely than any GPS

    It's like this.....if you think it's bad, it's much worse than you can imagine. There's no question that the digital infrastructure that the AC will need is already in place and significantly more intrusive that we can imagine.
  5. vbf

    America’s 234-Year-Old Shock at Jihad

    I'm doubting the veracity of the article given Barry's insistence that it's a peaceful religion. The decendants of Ishmael are the same now as they were then. So peaceful.
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    Turkish-occupied Syria cuts off water to 400,000 during pandemic

    Like barry told us for years, such a peaceful, loving religion.
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    Nevada Governor bans Covid-19 malaria drugs

    You can't fix stupid
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    IDF, US to hold air exercise with F-35 jets and no physical contact

    It's extremely gratifying to see the US and Israel working together militarily. Under Trump, the relationship has never been stronger. Under barry, it was never weaker.
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    POTUS eyes Easter

    Agreeing in prayer with you
  10. vbf

    POTUS eyes Easter

    I watched today's town hall and thought he and the others did a nice job. Say what you want about his affect, which is admittedly off putting at times, he's real and cares about America and Americans. He's eyeing Easter Sunday and later explained that it's a special day for him and he wants...
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    How Iran is responding to the coronavirus outbreak

    Let's keep our Persian brothers and sister in Christ in our prayers, also for many more to be saved.
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    Pelosi is despicable!
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    The coronavirus could spell the end of Iran's regime, and that's not good

    Well, they have to be viable enough to participate in Ez 38.
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    After or alongside coronavirus: MORE BIRTH PANGS!

    One of the fruits of trusting Almighty God through severe trial is learning through experience that God is faithful and in control. The Lord walked my family and I through a severe, long lasting trial and we can surely say that He is everything He says He is and unfailingly true to His Word...
  15. vbf

    Maybe the Coronavirus...

    I don't work in a hospital nor am I a medical professional yet I disagree with this completely. Jesus told us clearly that people will be buying, selling, marrying, etc in the season of His return for His CHurch. Simply as usual. The current situation under C-virus is...
  16. vbf

    Re-examining the Olivet Discourse

    Well, we know C-virus has to come and go with restoration of buying and selling (stores and restaraunts reopening), building, marrying, etc. As I read Jack's article here's what I thought: C-virus, obviously a major birth pang, will pass (like birth pangs do) and many expect the ecnomy to...
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    Coronavirus update

    I have acess to Level A and B PPE so wore Level A to mow my you suppose that was insensitive of me? I ran screaming like a crazy man into a decon tent set up in my driveway when my neighbor approached to say hello. I hope I didn't overreact.
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    Stimulus check-What are the requirements?

    I wonder if the "not my president" and all other Trump bashers will refuse a check?, no they won't. Do you have to give up your obama phone to qualify?