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  1. Kist

    Generation vs. Generation

    As a milennial, I do understand why the younger generations are disappointed. Mind you, I disagree with people saying it's great that the older generations are dying, but I do understand. Just some things from my experience. My wife and I both have a decent job. So that's two incomes. Still...
  2. Kist

    Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60

    Or you know it's simply that their bodies are old and less able to repair the damage. The reason young people die less is because their lungs can take the massive beating this virus gives. You die because your lungs get torn to shreds and you drown in your own blood. Old people have less stamina...
  3. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    I disagree. I think opening all businessess up again is a huge mistake. This thing is super contagious. Reports from Italy are horrible and chilling. If you let it run it's course the death toll in the states will reach millions. Italy is on virtual lockdown and over 600 people get killed...
  4. Kist

    Re-examining the Olivet Discourse

    Something I notice in this whole mess is how determined people are to just live on. Or better put, they are stubborn and refuse to listen. Take Italy for example, almost a thousand people die of Corona every day, the whole country is in lockdown, yet, professional football (soccer) clubs are...
  5. Kist

    The Lords Final Call?

    I remember when my son was born, my wife was in labour for over a day. We were super excited, and a little scared, the first hour or two. When we soon settled into a rhythm of, oh yeah let's just have a conversation and, oh wait there is another contraction. Well, 24 hours went by and the kid...
  6. Kist

    The Lords Final Call?

    You know, I find it interesting to see that if you visit the more secular parts of the internet, you see a lot of people mentioning the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (take a site like Reddit for example). People get that weird things are afoot. I think part of it is panic. People are scared...
  7. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    Couldn't agree more. As a youth pastor, I cancelled our whole program for at least a month. And I was proven right. If I hadn't, the one person in our group that has Corona would have definitely infected more. But we aren't sitting around doing nothing. We are mobilizing the youth to help...
  8. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    Just a Europeans perspective. This is really not a wise way of looking at it. If you read and hear the stories coming from Italy. It is an ever further escalating situation over there even though the country is in lockdown. And they aren't just dying by the hundreds. They are going to full...
  9. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    Every circumstance is different, but I'll say this. Sometimes, all we need to do to help someone, is to absord their anger, pain and confusion. We are hardwired to give answers. It's the basic human reaction. Oh I don't know what is going on or Man I am angry about this. I am reminded of the...
  10. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    MSM has reported this as well.
  11. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    I think a number of things. First, I don't know how much faith one should have in Chinese numbers. They are not a reliable witness, at any rate. Second, I wouldn't consider the current numbers the end game or a good indication of how lethal the virus is. The virus is in it's early stages, the...
  12. Kist

    Coronavirus update

    Saw someone ask about travelling in Europe. Most people can still travel freely. Some countries have put up travel bans and restrictions for people from specific countries (mostly Italy and China) I'm Dutch. The Virus is spreading quite fast here at the moment. Schools are still open...
  13. Kist

    Church leaders at best negligent, at worst incompetent.

    It is interesting to see what happens. Sad, very sad, but interesting. There are kids that come into seminary, with good, albeit slightly immature, theology, that respond completely different to it. Some turn into the kind of wolves that infest your average seminary (think, all things are...
  14. Kist

    Church leaders at best negligent, at worst incompetent.

    I went through seminary, well two of them, graduated nearly four years ago now. And while this does sound good in principle, it misses two things that I've seen. The first year of seminary, at least where I went through it, was designed with one goal in mind. To break down everything you believe...
  15. Kist

    Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Defends Leaving Infants to Die After Birth

    Do not be deceived, the people that propose this kind of stuff know it wont succeed now. It is not their goal to get this legislation approved, it is their goal to normalize it in order to push it through in a year or two. This is just the beginning of this pure evil.
  16. Kist

    Disney’s pro-gay cartoon for preschoolers: 12 facts you need to know

    Except, the percentage isn't 10%. I'll try to find it, but I read a few articles and saw a few clips that absolutely blew that claim out of the water. One of the primary reasons being major flaws in the system which they used to get to the 10% (a lot of the claim has been built around a research...
  17. Kist

    "They're NOT Children, They're CELLS!" Tucker Talks To Students About CRAZY Principal

    Not quite likely, already fact in Europe really. The Dutch leftists (which means the extreme left that are more than likely to end up in government) are pushing for legislation that will allow elderly to end their lives, whenever they don't feel usefull. The narrative already is, the elderly and...
  18. Kist

    Hundreds of Millions Pledged to Europe’s Anti-Trump, Pro-Abortion Campaign

    Sorry can I just say, can we stop making everything about the Islam taking over the world? That is NOT what is at stake here. Every issue is just about one thing, is it detrimental to the Gospel or does it help the Gospel? This action is about the murder of innocents, because people are morally...
  19. Kist

    The Bible on giving sanctuary

    Bit late to the party of this thread, but just wanted to give my two cents. I think though, that there is a logical fallacy in the whole discussion around refugees. There are two layers to what should be done. On the one side, people take the whole attitude that is asked of the personal...
  20. Kist

    Trump executive order cracks down on abortion funding

    The Dutch government has come out and stated it wants to forge a coalition with different countries to replace the US funding. Apparently our murderer in chief, sorry secretary of development, has been taking point in the endeavour to find other states that have the same agenda. According to her...