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  1. Kist

    Something I feel worth noting

    Not sure if I should post this here or somewhere else, so feel free to move it around if you'd like. Anyway, here goes. How many of us have, in the last few months, really stood still for a second and wondered about IS? I'm not saying this in the sense of, oh it's so awfull what they do...
  2. Kist

    Controversial British model plans abortion so she can star on 'Big Brother'

    Controversial British model plans abortion so she can star on 'Big Brother' 23-year-old Josie Cunningham said producers of the UK version ‘suddenly turned cold’ when they found out she was pregnant — either by a soccer player or one of her clients, as she works as a call girl. Figuring that...
  3. Kist

    Anyone else notice this?

    So I got a question for you guys, since I'm really wondering about this. Is it just the people I happen to meet, or do the protestants really venture more and more into Catholicism lately? In the past few months I've heard several dozen people tell me they regularly attend mass, or are...
  4. Kist


    Hey guys, I've been looking for a good way to memorize scripture. Anyone got some good advice on where to start, or on what verses to start out with?
  5. Kist

    Tim Keller

    So I hadn't heard of this guy before, till someone recommended his books. Now I'm extremely cautious when it comes to people that claim to teach the Holy Word of God, so I was wondering, is this guy good in his teachings or are his writings at best served as toilet paper?
  6. Kist

    Storms, flooding prompt Dutch evacuations

    Storms, flooding prompt Dutch evacuations Dutch villagers have been asked to leave their homes and farms because strong winds and heavy rain have led to fears of coastal flooding. Some farmers in Tolbert in the northern province of Groningen refused to leave their cattle, despite reports...
  7. Kist

    Predestination, providence, and free will..

    Ok so I have a bible study tomorrow, and it's about free will in relation to things like predestination, and providence. Now I don't think predestination is correct, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I also have a hard time explaining it. Also how does providence relate to free will biblically?
  8. Kist

    UN appoint spokesperson for Aliens

    The UN is to appoint an astrophysicist to be the first contact for any aliens WHEN aliens arrive on Earth, they will no longer have to worry about who will greet them. The United Nations, tackling head-on the problem of what to do if an alien says “take me to your leader”, is poised to...
  9. Kist


    Ok so I was wondering anyone else here love this wonderful sport? Absolutely the best sport in the world, without a doubt :P So anyone that watches/plays?
  10. Kist

    Ultimately The Choice Is Yours

    Ultimately the choice is yours. We are living in strange times, times that most people would describe as scary, but others live these times with an enthusiastic anticipation, for they fear not, and they have something a lot of people don’t, they have a relationship with God, through the Son...
  11. Kist

    Chaos in Europe

    Russia has been hit by over 600forest fires Thousands fight forest fires in Russia heatwave | Radio Netherlands Worldwide Greece has been hit by forest fires Forest fires 'partly contained' in Greece - World - NZ Herald News Portugal has been hit by forest fires Forest fires rage in...
  12. Kist

    A dangerous subculture, and a Modern day Idol.

    A dangerous subculture, and a modern day idol. I’m writing this because I want to give todays parents an advantage of my experience. And what I’m going to speak to you about is something that is possibly the fastest growing sub-culture amongst children/young adults. A sub-culture that is not...
  13. Kist

    Floods Across Southern China Take Heavy Toll

    Floods across southern China take heavy toll An estimated 68,000 houses have been damaged in the flooding Torrential rain and landslides in southern China have killed 132 people, with more heavy rain forecast. A further 86 people are missing and 800,000 residents have been evacuated...
  14. Kist

    Volcano Eruption in Guatemala

    Volcano Blast Sparks Guatemala Emergency A state of emergency has been declared in Guatemala after a volcanic eruption killed a television journalist and forced the international airport to close. Anibal Archila's burnt body was found near the Pacaya volcano by a colleague, who said the...
  15. Kist

    "2million Poles to be evacuated."

    I have this from a Dutch source, but just felt like posting it. Sever floodings in Poland have taken a hold of to country. The floodings have killed atleast 6, and is expected to reach the capitol Warsaw by Friday. The Vistula river, that runs from the south of the country to the north...