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  1. maranatha14

    Earthquakes a'Plenty

    This morning I awoke and looked at the "emergency map" of the World. Ongoing epidemics in Africa (these have been showing for over a year), and of course the devastating wildfires in Australia. But I also noticed..... earthquakes in New Zealand, Mexico, the South Pacific Islands and oceanic...
  2. maranatha14

    Catholicism and Hebrew Roots

    I wasn't sure where to post this. It really isn't apostasy, but more of a comment on Catholicism. So I put it here. I attend a wonderful Bible believing and teaching congregation. Some years back, we had 2 groups of teachers who started teaching in the "Hebrew Roots" manner. I found much...
  3. maranatha14

    Did you watch the special on 9-11?

    Tonight there was a special on television about what took place aboard Air Force One on 9-11. The entire show brought back memories of that day; what a terrible day it was. But I remembered how calm and Presidential GW Bush was that day. And of course, I remember the criticism many gave him...
  4. maranatha14

    More Confusion in Schools

    Colorado has jumped on the band wagon, and now requires the teaching of "LBGT History" in schools. Not sure why their history is so different than the rest of us, but.... I guess legislatures think we need to learn about their personal lives as well. In the news article I read, parents are not...
  5. maranatha14

    Man Trying to Change the Climate

    Comforting that we can rest in the fact that GOD is in control of everything.... especially things like "climate". Seems a bit arrogant thinking that we could change it...
  6. maranatha14

    Navy Pilots and UFOs?

    I would like to delete what I posted. I see we have already covered this subject!! Sorry.
  7. maranatha14

    Appreciating "The Way Of Cain" article

    Not sure where to post this, except that I want to state it is so important that we know WHAT we believe, and WHY we believe it. Also, in thinking of this, the article posted in this section "The Way of Cain" really spoke to what I have on my heart. As always, our Lord led me to this reading...
  8. maranatha14

    One World Church in the making?

    I am not sure if I am allowed to post news articles from certain sources, so I will just ask..... Is anyone else alarmed with the meetings between the Pope, Emmanuel Macron, and the formulation of what appears to be a 1 world religion? Macron meeting with the Pope, and both believing there is a...
  9. maranatha14

    A suggestion regarding abbreviations.

    Hi there - I have figured much of the following out with trial and error. But is there a place here that new members can learn what initials stand for? Things like DH and RCC and WOF are common knowledge to people who have been her for awhile, but to newcomers..... it is like a guessing game...
  10. maranatha14

    News Articles on tonight's telecast, and a thought

    Interesting new articles on the television tonight (60 Minutes). First, they demonstrated the number of computers around the world they believe were "spied on" by a Russian operative. There were millions and millions. And they discussed how all our buying and selling is being watched, and...
  11. maranatha14

    Presbyterian Church doctrine?

    Of course not all denominational churches are are "bad". But, one of the reasons I left the denominational church is that many let MEN guide them. They don't look to the Bible as their only authority. Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM is a beautiful place where Georgia O'Keeffe used to live and...
  12. maranatha14

    A new twist on "scams"

    This truly belongs in the "Anything Goes" category. Initially, I thought... "this guy is crazy". Then I thought "Wow.... a scam targeting Christians". And then I thought..... "I am going to ask if anyone else has seen this.... craziness". Have you heard of Dr. Richard Gerhauser? From what I...
  13. maranatha14

    Christ Revealed?

    Evening.... and Happy New Year! I don't see a thread specifically for films or television, so I am posting this here. Has anyone subscribed or seen the film series entitled "Christ Revealed" ?. I signed up for it tonight (it's free) and it looks really interesting. Just wanted opinions or...
  14. maranatha14

    Disaster After Disaster, and Weird Weather

    I was wondering if I am jumping to conclusions here, or making "something" out of "nothing". Today in the paper, I read of horrible fires, ongoing floods, tornadoes in Indiana, earthquakes in Alaska, and record cold temps in the East. I suspect that you, like I, have noticed the following in...
  15. maranatha14

    Credit........ aliens???

    You have probably seen one of the "Ancient Alien" so-called documentaries on television. I don't watch them much; it is too annoying listening to the onslaught of man man theories. BUT.... last night I was flipping around on the channels, and I actually heard the term "intelligent design" on...