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  1. Jeri minton

    Virginia Gov. Pressured to Resign

    A photo surfaced of the governor in black face or a kkk suit., From his college days....Democrats are demanding he resign....not because if his outrageous and evil stance on abortion, but racism, that's a capital offence with Democrats...he will be out for that..this story from Fox News.
  2. Jeri minton

    2019 March for Life

    Today, in Washington. DC, strong, courageous people will March in support of Life.,I wish so much that I could be there and I will be there in spirit..may God bless and protect these brave ones..please join me in praying for them.
  3. Jeri minton

    The Coming Convergence Movie

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this movie and what your opinion of it was.
  4. Jeri minton

    Our Glorified Bodies

    I've just listened to a short video from Joni Eareckson Tada, and it gave me such encouragement...Joni is a quadraplegic in a wheelchair for over 50 years,..I don't know what all of her doctrinal beliefs are, she spends a lot of time sharing how God's love and dependence on Him has given her all...
  5. Jeri minton

    Major 7.0 Quake Hits Alaska

    Just saw on the news that a major quake hit near Anchorage, sunami warnings going out..staying tuned for breaking news.
  6. Jeri minton

    Jonathan Cahn

    I don't really know much about what he teaches, I've seen him on shows like Prophecy Watchers and Lamb and Lion Ministries....looking at a list that had 20 to 30 false preachers, I noticed he was listed along with the obvious ones like Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Copeland, and others...just wondering...
  7. Jeri minton

    Ken Johnson

    Today I watched a seminar being taught by Ken Johnson, had not come across him before, his knowledge and understanding seemed impressive, but having no knowledge about him, I wanted to ask if anyone knows about him before I continue to watch..,Thank you.
  8. Jeri minton

    Hello, Everyone

    I haven't posted before, just want to say hi, and that I'm glad to find a good place like this..I joined a while back, but have been offline quite a while..In the past I did try to find Christian forums, but ended up being disappointed with the arguing I saw...some places, people would attack...