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  1. InsuranceGuy

    The Night The Lights Go Out In Georgia

    First - The night the lights went out in Georgia is an excellent old movie!!!! Second - There is a great book you can buy at the Kindle online bookstore about this very scenario. Iran launches a massive EMP attack that doesn't quite hit its target in the Midwest, but does enough damage to our...
  2. InsuranceGuy

    INVITATION: Encounter at the Ark - March 14, 2020

    You certainly wouldn't be a hinderance. Adrian doesn't realize it yet, but he will be carrying me around most of the day. :)
  3. InsuranceGuy

    Dozens of deaths reported in Iran due to coronavirus

    Personally, I believe all governments are lying right now about this virus. With such a long incubation period, there is no way anyone can have an accurate count, so everyone seems to be taking the lowest total possible and dividing it by 100 or so. The underreporting is hideous. The...
  4. InsuranceGuy

    Coronavirus update

    I don't want to hijack the thread topic, but one way it could become a serious international issue is if people being dying by the tens of thousands. Maybe there would be a call for World health care instead of individual national healthcare. Probably a huge stretch to get to that point from...
  5. InsuranceGuy

    Coronavirus update

    Good luck with masks. I had my chemo this morning and Barnes Hospital, one of the largest in the entire Midwest, is OUT of masks. They said it could be weeks before they receive more. They have enough for some nurses and doctors, but not all staff. Two weeks ago, all the patients had to wear...
  6. InsuranceGuy

    Coronavirus update

    Those hand sanitizers are everywhere now. The bank, Walmart & Target, the grocery stores..... I'm happy to hear they work. I have one on the kitchen table and one in the living room as my doctors have told me to use them frequently. They are cheap enough to use them all the time. :)
  7. InsuranceGuy

    Question about people cursing.

    This is my take on it. They are only words, so I ignore them. I'll still say the S word occasionally or the D word. It's rare, but it happens as I'm not perfect. The only word that I will absolutely not let get said around me is the God D word. I'll make it clear that is NOT to be said...
  8. InsuranceGuy

    Love vs. Hate

    At one time in my life, I hated people. I really did. The kind of hate that will burn a hole in you and ruin your life. That was years ago. I don't even think there is anyone I dislike these days, but it's all because of Christ. He loved those who crucified him. If he can do that, I can...
  9. InsuranceGuy

    Antifa plans massive anti-cop action in NY subways, push for free transit, ending police presence

    Antifa is all talk. They have spouted off many times of the things they were going to do, but have yet to do any of them. I think the problem is they want a revolution, but don't want to have to fight for one. lol I put no stock in anything they say. It was only early last year when they...
  10. InsuranceGuy

    A Cure for Cancer Might Be on the Way -- and It Could Turn Healthcare Investing Upside Down

    I personally do not believe a cure for cancer will be found, or at least ever made publicly available. The entire Healthcare industry NEEDS cancer to exist. If it didn't, what percentage of nurses, doctors, lab technicians, etc. etc. would lose their jobs? Not just them, but everything from...
  11. InsuranceGuy

    Is this the year for the big one?

    Ever wonder what is holding back the San Andreas from going off? I guess I should say "who" instead of what..... It's the only major fault line on the Ring of Fire to not have gone crazy in the last 15 years, correct? Isn't it long overdue? I live in MO, not CA, so I'm not as up on what is...
  12. InsuranceGuy

    In The Name of ”Reason”

    If you Google Image 'Laminen Protein' you will see it looks exactly like a cross. I like to check on these things and this is one I had totally forgotten about. Take the extra 2 minutes out of your day and see how awesome our God is. Proof is everywhere, even inside our cells.
  13. InsuranceGuy

    Porn, Sex Trafficking, and the Church

    Unfortunately, some mega churches hold 'singles events' in the hopes of enticing single men & women into their church. They won't say a disparaging word regarding pornography or sex trafficking, but they will host events for single people to meet..... Ok, maybe that's not so bad IF they are...
  14. InsuranceGuy

    Could 2020 Be a Prophetically Pivotal Year?

    I completely agree the Rapture could be very near. If things are going as "normal" when it occurs, we're running out of time. Iran will have to start a war to keep their people in control. A major war isn't "normal". The stock market is headed for a major downturn if a Dem is elected. That...
  15. InsuranceGuy

    Soros says, "2020 Election Will Determine ‘Fate of the World‘"

    I think he's showing his true colors. If Trump, or another Republican is elected, there will be war. If the Dems get in, America will go back to being the patsy it was under Obama. With all that is going on with Iran, I can almost certainly guarantee the Dems will point out that we have no...
  16. InsuranceGuy

    Galatians Chapter 5

    This is a perfect explanation. Thank you. I'm going to print this, or copy it and show my aunt this weekend. I'm dying, yet still sin. Imagine how that feels. It's not a good thing. My sins disgust me. I'm happy God sees the already perfected version of us.
  17. InsuranceGuy

    Galatians Chapter 5

    Will our mansions be in New Jerusalem, or Heaven? Yeah, without full grace, we'd all be in Hell. No doubt.
  18. InsuranceGuy

    Galatians Chapter 5

    You can print, copy or quote anything I've ever written or will write. :)
  19. InsuranceGuy

    Galatians Chapter 5

    Thank you all for the replies. I have read through them and think I understand a bit better and can come up with a rebuttal for this weekend. My Aunt is very strict in the sense she believes if you still drink after being saved, you just can't be saved. This helped!
  20. InsuranceGuy

    Galatians Chapter 5

    Howdy, I had a very interesting evening speaking with someone about this chapter. The person believes Galatians Chapter 5 is clear evidence Grace alone does not cover ALL sin. I honestly was not familiar with the Chapter enough to make any great points. Upon reading it, I can see where...