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  1. Salluz

    Ecclesiastes 3 Question

    I'm struggling through some of the verses at the end of Ecclesiastes 3, specifically these: 18 I said to myself, “This happens concerning people, so that God may test them and they may see for themselves that they are like animals.” 19 For the fate of people and the fate of animals is the...
  2. Salluz

    Were/are dragons real?

    Here's an article from answers in Genesis that I liked, especially considering some of the discussions about behemoth and leviathan that pop up here occasionally. It takes the position that the descriptions of dragons in the Bible like leviathan are literal and gives scriptural and historical...
  3. Salluz

    A list

    I searched up a list of the top ten puns, hoping one of them might make me laugh. No pun in ten did
  4. Salluz

    Why so many divisions?

    I'm just wondering: since we have the Holy Spirirt to guide and teach us, how is it that even among born-again Christians there are so many doctrinal differences and divides? Shouldn't we all eventually end up in the same place doctrinally as our lives progress? But some go to the grave never...
  5. Salluz

    Babel and Linguistics

    Has anyone ever come across a study that tries to figure out where the languages in the world now came from in regards to the 70 languages created by God at Babel? Obviously languages have further fragmented over the thousands of years since, but it would be absolutely fascinating to look at...
  6. Salluz

    it all

    I would elaborate, but the title says it all
  7. Salluz

    Singular "they"

    My fellow grammar-minded RFers, what are your thoughts on this phenomenon? Is there a better alternative? I've been playing around with neutral "he," which has largely gone out of style. "He/she" was a staple in old essays of mine. Which do you default to?
  8. Salluz

    Questions about Adultery

    Thankfully this one doesn't have any personal significance like some of the other questions I've asked. I've been reading The Scarlet Letter recently for a class. For those not familiar with it, it is about a woman who commits adultery with the town minister after her husband has been missing...
  9. Salluz

    Trying to remember the name of an article

    Title. Does anyone happen to remember the name of the article where the writer talks about struggling with sin after being saved, and mentions specifically something about walking around with a pack of cigarettes and not being able to quit smoking? I've been wanting to read it again, but I can't...
  10. Salluz

    Anointing with Oil

    What is the function for believers now of annointing someone with oil? What type of oil should be used? I'm thinking of James 5:14 14 Is anyone among you sick? He should call for the elders of the church, and they should pray over him after anointing him with olive oil in the name of the Lord...
  11. Salluz

    The "Loudness" of God in a Christian's Life

    I think we have all heard testimonies of the people who are saved and have immediate, amazing, life-changing experiences where God shows himself in some grand fashion in the new believer's life. The people that immediately stop a certain sin that defined them before being saved or the ones who...
  12. Salluz

    Confess with your mouth

    From Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. My question is on the declare with your mouth portion. Do you have to literally say this out loud to be saved? Saving my thoughts until after I...
  13. Salluz

    No one praises you from the grave

    Since I haven't been here for a while, the bible study q&a looks a little bland without my colorful avatar being the one that started half the posts :lol I'll have to do something about that. This is one I've been caught up on for a while now. Looking at the story of the rich man and Lazarus...
  14. Salluz

    Internet Fast

    I might do a sort of internet fast this summer where I avoid the internet. I haven't thought of all of the rules I'm going to impose on myself, but I think the internet is a major stress source for me and it might be good to take a total break and work on myself and my habits. Going to try...
  15. Salluz


    Should we read literature? I've heard many times we should avoid shows or games or music that glorify sin. I was struck reading Shakespeare recently just how many sexual innuendos fill the pages, how many scenes of great violence are put onto the stage, how much the characters ignore the reality...
  16. Salluz

    Group Bathing

    Does the bible mention anything about group bathing? I'm thinking things like sports teams that share showers, sitting in a sauna, going to a hot spring, etc. Specifically groups of only one sex, to not "muddy the waters" so to speak (bath pun :lol)
  17. Salluz

    The "other" gap theory

    I'm curious as to what people make of the grammatical gap theory that says there is a gap of time between creation days one and two where "the earth was made formless and void." Not to be confused with evolutionary gap theory, hence why I titled this the other one :lol. I guess the idea is that...
  18. Salluz

    Feeling disconnected from older believers

    Has anyone else noticed a total disconnect between older and younger believers? It's something I feel even on the forum here sometimes. It's incredibly discouraging to hear people I respect say everyone in my generation hates God and doesn't value the whole bible. At times, I feel like many...
  19. Salluz

    Intro to James

    Lots of questions today :lol Why does James address the letter to the twelve tribes instead of the Church? (Talking about the book of James in the first verse) "James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings."
  20. Salluz

    Equidistant letter sequences

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I started watching a lot of Dr. Missler's videos since he has had a lot of articles on the forum recently and I liked them. He brings up equidistant letter sequences a lot, and I was wondering where the idea originated, what the significance was, etc.