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    Coronavirus update

    I searched for the right masks online and no one has here in Pa. not home depot not ace hardware not drug stores but amazon has them but out of stock and they are like over the top expensive like $59 dollars.
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    Pope pushes One World Religion on Israels Independence Day

    These are the birth pangs Jesus talked about and we are seeing things to come in the tribulation period like never before.
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    Coronavirus update

    Two labs for biological weapons are in Wuhan and I believe the virus came from there . China killed a 34 yr old healthy doctor who was telling the truth about China's cover up on just how many people have died , and a journalist is missing now who also was speaking truth. I listened to Behold...
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    Rush has Advanced Lung Cancer

    Praying he beats this. I think Trump honored him well .
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    Pelosi's Speech Tear Was The Best Applause For Trump

    I thought she was a 2 yr term and next January I am hopeful we can put in place someone who supports our President . Not all Dems approve of what she did . Praying she will be removed as the worst speaker of house we have ever had.
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    Justice Roberts blocks Sen. Paul from naming whistleblower, source says – and Paul may force the issue

    I feel very sad that we are in this situation in our country. Roberts is a Rhino and it may as well be Mittens Romney as chief justice over this thing. Praying God's will to be done.
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    With 130-Mile Coast, New Jersey Marks a First in Climate Change Fight

    Murphy put in a high tax to all homeowners who rent out their homes last year along the coast ,and the renters were absolutely furious . Things changed when people spoke up and the tax is no longer there . It was substantial . Not a nice Mayor of Jersey. People need to speak up. Trump rally in...
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    China Virus in United States!

    China's leaders are cruel and for all we know this was done on purpose. Look at our dow/stocks falling from this. They do not like Trump because the Donald is doing to them what others should have done but no backbone from any of our President's . Holding them accountable. My one very...
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    Update On Impeachment!

    I watched Sat and today and what I took from it was Obama should have been impeached ! Overheard on open mic with Russia he said he would need space and it was his last election and that he would do something about helping them. So now we know why Ukraine did not get help from Obama .Russia was...
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    Tomorrow at noon

    I was wondering how this is all going to play out since Israel does not have a government formed under Bibi and that nothing can be done,discussed or implemented.
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    Update On Impeachment!

    I pray Donald who is a little rough around the edges at times is exonerated and re-elected once again. No better capitalist then Donald Trump. And he cares for Israel so may the good Lord bless him !
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    Disney Launches New TV Show Featuring Demons and Witches

    Children learn to invite the dark spirit world in, and they will become channels for demons. All they need to do is invite them in, they will come. To me these are the people who are left behind when the rapture happens. Grateful the Holy Spirit is holding back what our world will look like in...
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    Iran launches missiles into US air bases in Iraq: US official: breaking news

    I would like to know if any people/ military are injured or killed from these strikes. I keep thinking of Isaiah 17 .
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    Time to End Churches As Gun-Free Zones

    I would not attend a Church without good security today.
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    NYPD Investigating 9th Anti-Semitic Attack Reported This Week

    I believe Jews will be targeted in these last days in America. There is another Jewish genocide coming , after the Rapture during the end of the tribulation period .There is a lot of antisemitism in America and hatred for real Christians and we all know who is behind it. The world is getting...
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    Christianity Today has called for Trump's removal from office.

    Franklin just put out a statement on face book that his father voted for Trump and believed it was God's will for Trump to be President . If Billy Graham were alive today he would support the President. This was cold but in line with what Christ said in the end times. The agape love of many...
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    The Rise of Skywalker praised for featuring the first gay kiss in a Star Wars movie

    The movie is already getting bad reviews . Its not up to the old standards of old Star Wars movies. I will not go to see it. Not a fan.
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    Aliens Most Likely To Be Blamed For Rapture

    This is true and evolutionist's also will say the less knowledgeable will be taken. Just listened to Jan Markel and Don Stewart. Aliens are demons.