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  1. bap

    Lead us not into temptation

    I am pretty weary today & do not understand, but dont have enough energy physically or emotionally to gather information to understand these Words from Our Lord's Prayer. As i pray it, when do so, realize do not comprehend what lead into temptation truly means as I think that is not about God...
  2. bap

    Watch "Two Israeli Jews explain the gospel in Jerusalem like you've never heard before!!!"

    I found this about 3 years ago and was moved!! Even though this video is already here on RF, it is so good and needs another thread for our loved Jewish people seeking God and spirituality.
  3. bap

    Dead in Christ

    Please answer. If a believer who has died is with the Lord in Heaven, and then the Rapture happens and they are changed, does that mean they go back to Heaven? Why are they changed then to go back when they were already there without body? Or after the Rapture, does the Church go to New...