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    Are Gentiles Unsavable After the Rapture??

    I certainly wouldn't want to gamble with my soul and take the chance after the Rapture. If one isn't killed by the judgements raining down by God, they could be taken in by the false messiahs and prophets Jesus warned about, they could fall for the lies of the AC or fall under the strong...
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    Cruelty to Animals Gets More Media Coverage than Beheaded Christians

    Takes a bit of effort but churches and pastors in persecuted nations often have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and are reaching out. In my case I found persecuted Christians in Bangladesh because Voice of the Martyrs, Barnabas Aid, had "retweeted" a post from someone living there(Rohingya...
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    Obama Vs Trump

    Whoever the AC will be, he'll cross borders and won't be viewed by suspicion and mistrust by the other side. I don't know what kind of leader that would be, but I know it's not impossible. I envision someone like JFK. We all know the affect his death had both on the nation and the world, but...
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    ‘Christianophobia’ in the Last Days

    Throw in the belief being circulated in liberal and progressive circles that evangelical Christians are anti-semitic, are just trying to stoke the fires of Armageddon and the fear that an Christian president might start a war in the Middle East for the express purpose of bringing about Jesus'...
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    Confessions of a Watcher

    Still scoffing, I imagine. I know the followers of Harold Camping were deluded and taken in by a false prophet. But one of the lasting memories I have of that group is one of their members who was so committed to the belief that he went to Times Square and stood in full view of the public...
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    Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search

    Keep searching. Maybe one day they'll be forced to admit there is no other life out there, because our existence didn't come about by chance or cosmic fluke. Every aspect of science, be it chemistry, biology, physics, anything, tells us what a blessed planet we live on and the staggering odds...
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    Do carnal/lukewarm christians go to Heaven?

    At least in my opinion, those who will be ashamed are the ones living worldly, unfruitful lives. Who are given the opportunity to serve the cause of Christ but do nothing with their talents or opportunity, ex. the servants of Matthew 24 + 25. Paul didn't live a sinless life, and like you said...
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    A Christian Living in Sin

    I don't believe a person can sin their way out of salvation, however the Bible contains many solemn warnings against practicing sin that we have to take God's view of it seriously. Nothing good can come out of habitual sin. If I have reason to doubt a person's profession of faith, I might walk...
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    Very Odd Weather

    I was considering going into weather forecasting for a time and had some college education on it. All the subtle factors that can influence weather and change it from one thing to another, even within minutes, trying to predict it can make your head spin. Gained a new appreciation for...
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    Trump hits Romney, Pelosi for invoking religion during impeachment

    Well, that's it right there, isn't it? She "prays" for someone she regularly undermines and criticizes in public. Prays for him because he doesn't act the way she wants him to. No, Milt. You resolved in your heart and mind that you were going to vote against Trump. Praying that God would help...
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    Creation, Noah and Jonah

    I was dwelling on this last night. Shouldn't the Word of God be considered a higher authority than the word of men? Attempts to allegorize portions of the Bible cause many more problems than they solve. Take the story of Noah and the flood. I've long been of the opinion that those who doubt the...
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    No Taylor Swift – Tennessee Christianity Does not Support Your View

    I didn't even know Taylor considered herself Christian. She comes from a conservative background, sure, but her music and song lyrics are always focused on the things of the world.
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    End the Hoax: There Are No Palestinians

    I don't know what the answer is, but I'm positive it's not this. Governments around the world sometimes do determine that a group of people living in their country have no identity. Some of the most insane policies imaginable follow soon after.
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    Cruelty to Animals Gets More Media Coverage than Beheaded Christians

    I know we can't directly intervene and stop their mistreatment. But there are a variety of things we can do. We can write letters to Christians who are in prison for their faith. We can appeal to our elected officials and turn their attention to what's happening in other parts of the world. We...
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    Dem leaders signal they won’t accept Trump acquittal as legitimate

    I guess those souvenir pens Pelosi handed out aren't going to be worth much.
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    Drag Queens to Make Historic Debut During Super Bowl LIV

    Efforts to block Super Bowl ads from airing because of their content have proven successful in the past. Regarding this one, it's probably too late at this point.
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    The rapture timing?

    I wouldn't say this is the only reason; but considering the number of Christians who are burdened by the spiritual state of their friends and family. Maybe the reason God's hand is withholding judgment is because he hears the prayers of his people. His response to our appeals is to grant a...
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    16-Year-Old French Girl Insults Islam, Absurdity Ensues

    This girl is also openly gay, she probably has every reason to be worried. She posted this little rant on her Instagram account. They know her face, people posted her home address online and someone called her school pretending to be her parents looking for her. I take it as a reminder we need...
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    The Significance of President Trump’s Peace Plan

    The only thing I know for sure is there will be no lasting peace until the Prince of Peace comes to establish his millennial kingdom. Which means the efforts of every world leader to bring peace to that part of the world is determined to fail. Even the AC's covenant will prove to be fraudulent...
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    How can you believe in a God that wants to send most of the world to Hell?

    I can imagine what would happen if God allowed, sinful, prideful, rebellious humanity to enter Heaven. The same thing that happened on earth; we'd be at enmity with God and among ourselves. Heaven would become corrupt and polluted and broken. It's the factor that Universalists never consider; if...