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  1. bap

    My husband went home to Jesus

    I am so very sorry you have been through this most difficult time. May GOD COMFORT you, Dear Sister.
  2. bap


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  3. bap

    My favorite joke of all time

    TeeHee... he he
  4. bap

    Do You Feel Stupid?

    2 Fun e!!!
  5. bap

    Christmas Movies!

    Sounds like my husband. We have a beautiful Sony Bravia TV & we watch black & white old westerns & Turner movies. I have 2 fight 4 my Christmas movie fix.
  6. bap

    Christmas Movies!

    Have been overdosing on these!!! & Oh, Yes... Christmas Carols!!! Just Thrill My Soul!! O Come All Ye Faithful The First Noel Silent Night Joy to the World O Holy Night O Little Town of Bethlehem Away in a Manger It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Angels We Have Heard on High
  7. bap

    I need some ideas from everyone

    Ditto, also here in BIG D!!!
  8. bap

    Chick-Fil-A Ends Donations to Anti-LGBTQ Groups

    Maybe Huckabee should do a Chick-fil-A No Longer Appreciation Day.
  9. bap

    Christmas Decorations!

    OK, it's Y'all's fault. I ordered an outdoor Nativity Scene & a tree for outside!!! But I'm still sticking! Not gonna put up till AFTER Thanksgiving!!! TeeHee!!!
  10. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    BRAVO!!! We both have the same sentiments.
  11. bap

    Vaccination Shots?

    I do the same, Andy!!!!
  12. bap

    Christmas Decorations!

    Had it @ Furr's. ❤ it!!!
  13. bap

    Christmas Decorations!

    I just can't do Christmas UNTIL After Thanksgiving. Refuse to!!! Decorate for Fall in Sept. & don't change till at least day after Thanksgiving. It bothers me for stores 2 have Christmas stuff out in August. See it as their way 2 entice us 2 spend.
  14. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    :ring :meet :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :dance:dance :alienz :typing :snoopy :cry :(
  15. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    Dan, IF Your Friend were in YOUR Shoes & was struggling with YOUR issues & asked for advice..... What would You say???
  16. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    Even though I have a poor marriage & not a very loving husband, he has still gone with me to appointments for my Stage 4 BC. It hurts my heart for the way she has & is treating YOU & YOU have good reason to need to vent & be confused on what to leave her when she has had an affair & has most...
  17. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    YOUR words.... She already said she will sell the house right after I'm gone. Am I supposed to still pay it off? The thought of her taking all the money and buying some massive new home to share with some new guy is not pleasant, but it is what would happen. QUESTION: Why pay off the house...
  18. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    Dan, am so very glad you shared. I am quite sad about your wife... in fact, I hate to say it, but wonder IF she is sticking around... just to get....:( In terms of donations...was thinking dollar amount like $1,000.
  19. bap

    Need help with a particular struggle

    Had a thought... U probably have already done so... Just a suggestion.... about helping 2 further the cause of Jesus & encouraging/discipline Believers by including donations to groups that do so.
  20. bap

    Impeachment hearings live on YouTube

    Somewhat listening 2 OAN