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  1. pixelpusher

    The Hunt is on... It's back, The Hunt is due for release this March. In which the "elites" hunt and kill the "deplorables". After the guy in FL deliberately ran his van into a GOP voter registration booth. Art imitates life or life...
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    The Hunt What are we to make of this movie The Hunt? Comments? Good grief. I don’t like liberals viewpoints, but I don’t want to murder them!? I wish they would be reborn and truly know peace and...
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    Well, we have taken out an Iranian drone now Trump: US warship destroyed Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz A U.S. warship destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions between the two countries, President Trump announced Thursday...
  4. pixelpusher

    Paint Cans Still?!

    Had to do some painting last week. Just weird things I wonder sometimes: why in the world does paint still come in metal cans that make such a mess pouring it into the roller tray? Why not pourable jugs like laundry detergent?
  5. pixelpusher

    Fountains of the Deep discovered!

    Mysterious freshwater reservoir found hidden beneath the ocean Scientists have found a gigantic freshwater aquifer hidden deep below the ocean. The surprising discovery, from a new survey of the sub-seafloor off the northeast U.S. coast by researchers from Columbia University, appears to to be...
  6. pixelpusher

    4d ultrasounds in times square This was great to see... 20000 ppl saw 4d late term babies on screen
  7. pixelpusher


    how about this AOC person? I can't wait for the gov't to renovate my house, give me an electric car, and pay me a living wage for being unwilling to work, with free health care . What is wrong with these people?
  8. pixelpusher

    I blew it. How to do better?

    Couple guys from the Latter-day Saints came by the other day. I was working in the office, and noticed them walking up the street through the window. Figured "I'll set them straight." First mistake I guess... leading with, I reckon, pride, thinking well, I have the correct answer, I'll fix them...
  9. pixelpusher

    Supremely Funny

    Shortly after midnight, Hillary Clinton phoned the President's office. "It's an emergency! I need to speak to President Trump!", she exclaimed. After some cajoling, she was reluctantly put through to Trump. "So what is so important it can't wait until morning, Hillary?", asked The Donald...
  10. pixelpusher

    Corner Store

    When I was a boy, my momma would send me down to the corner store with a dollar. I'd come back with a loaf of bread, six potatoes, a dozen eggs, 3 bottles of milk, a bag of coffee, and a hunk of cheese. You can't do that anymore. Too many security cameras. :prophet
  11. pixelpusher

    FBI reopens investigation into Clinton email use

    Tada! :popcorn ____________________________________________ Published October 28, 2016 Fox News The FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, in a stunning turn of events just days before the presidential election. FBI...
  12. pixelpusher

    Mike Pence is rocking it

    He's speaking at a rally in Charlotte right now, and opened talking about his faith, and his decision for Christ as having made all the difference, and how we all fall short of the glory of God. Folks, we have got to get this team into the WH. I know Trump is "rough" and unappealing in many...
  13. pixelpusher

    Deplorable T-shirts

    :lol, so I had this thought, I should set me up one of those instant t-shirt shops online, and make a "deplorable" t-shirt. Figured I use Helvetica Black, all lowercase, just one white word on black. Right on? Then I googled it, and there are already bunches of them out there. Like $25 apiece...
  14. pixelpusher

    Zika babies...

    So they are showing a piece on Fox about how the Zika virus destroys babys' brains. Some of the images are from the womb. Oh the poor babies... when it's a virus attacking them. But it is fine for abortion butchers to go in with scissors and forceps. That just kills me. :mad2 Just...
  15. pixelpusher

    FBI Director Comey Press Conference Announcement

    Well, it is on! Comey is making an announcement now on Fox. <on pins and needles>
  16. pixelpusher

    Did Trump Accept Christ?

    There is a story from James Dobson floating around this morning that Trump has accepted Christ. :pray I hope this is true!
  17. pixelpusher

    Shooter Mateen's 911 calls to be scrubbed of Islam refs This takes the entire cake, not a crumb left. :doh
  18. pixelpusher

    "hydroponic" basil

    The headlines are just making me too angry and depressed, so I want to talk about basil. So I was going to make us a caprese salad Sunday, I stopped in the store for tomatoes and basil. They had a single package of fresh basil, at about $2.19, but next to it, they have these live bunches of...
  19. pixelpusher

    The First Hostage

    Oh yeah, just remembered Joel Rosenberg's new novel is out... Just downloaded to iOS books... So much for watching the ball... Like I was gonna do that anyway, :lol
  20. pixelpusher

    Children are a blessing from the Lord

    Could some of you wise brothers and sisters please share how children, especially the teen-aged species, are a blessing from the Lord? The Bible says so, so it must be true. Do we just have to bear through the stupid years? Can my wallet bear it? Is this part of the trials that produce...