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    Machete-Wielding Muslim Man Attacks Israeli-Christian’s Ohio Restaurant, Several Wounded

    I live 20 minutes away from this terror attack wow. Before they released the name of the guy I told my wife his name is probably Mohammad.
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    Hal Lindsey says it cannot be long now.

    Not to mention Damascus is nearly a heap of ruins
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    Hal Lindsey says it cannot be long now.

    Things are really ramping up,Russia,Iran,and I think China are all in Syria now and oil discovered in Golan heights which I think is the hook in the jaw.
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    Hal Lindsey says it cannot be long now.

    I feel it could be at any time now.
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    If You Can Be Transgender Why Can't You Be Transracial?

    I got a chuckle out of my wife tonight when I revealed to her that I am a gay black woman.
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    Turning out the lights on the Age of Grace

    Thanks, I'm always lurking around though, I love this place, I'm really lookin forward to meeting you all. I know it will be soon.
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    Turning out the lights on the Age of Grace

    Thanks for the bump MBrown ,I was recovering after surgery and missed it the first time it was posted. The title of the post really struck me because we are so close to the end of this age.
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    Anyone else wondering what's going on?

    Agree with every post here, we are so close to the rapture I believe. We don't have much time left to evangilize. Please pray we will all be bold with our beliefs to others. It's hard to deny all the craziness that's going on in this world and I know even the unbelievers are starting to see that...
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    Jan Markell - Global Government and the Coming Perfect Storm

    Thanks for posting this Jeff, it is worth listening to :thumbup
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    This reminds me of something my Mom told me years ago. When you get to Heaven, there will be people there you never expected to be there,and people you thought would be there will not be found.
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    I'm Back And Ready To Unload!

    :scratch: Wow! I didn't even notice you missing! Welcome back!, I like your posts although I don't read all of them. Just so much going on in these last days :twitch Just trying to keep up with it just boggles the mind. One blessing is the witness it provides to bring more people to the truth of...
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    US federal air marshal attacked with syringe in Lagos airport

    I would have reported her too with my right fist! :hehheh
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    Charles Stanley?

    I'm interested too in what others here think of him. I watch him sometimes and agree with him,at least most of the time. I like his speaking style and just the way he teaches or preaches
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    Putin's Ukrainian Trump Card Winter!

    All I know is Gog is about to make his move soon.:preach