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  1. bigmoose

    Coronavirus update

    To me this was good news! Folks released from quarantine at Miramar. I pray to the Good Lord that our health and military officials have a handle on what is "real" with this virus. We have read things that...
  2. bigmoose

    Coronavirus update

    They are already sold out in my area. I needed some for woodworking, the N95 masks, and all were gone at Home Depot/Lowes and at my large industrial supplier Grainger. That made me start to look on line out of curiosity, and all online medical supply stores are sold out with April restock...
  3. bigmoose

    DOJ expected to scale back Roger Stone's 'extreme' sentencing recommendation: officialv

    Not only a pardon for General Flynn, but I would like to see him made financially whole again for all the damage done. They say he has lost his home for legal fees... very sad. Not how this country is supposed to be.
  4. bigmoose

    Peter Strzok grew up in Iran

    What I believe you just described is the Holy Spirit intervening in our lives to help us. He often supplies this guidance in critical situations, but always lets us decide whether to listen or not. For the Scripture says "The Spirit teaches all things..." John 14:26 In my near 70 years now...
  5. bigmoose

    Nancy’s petulance

    Edit: going to play it safe and remove what I wrote in case it is what Adrian took umbradge with. I respect his judgment too much to not pay heed.
  6. bigmoose

    Rules for the Remnant -- Jan Markell

    Me too! Sure wish it was like the old days, when we could message Adrian with questions, or seeking advice. He helped me tremendously with Biblical questions!
  7. bigmoose

    Rules for the Remnant -- Jan Markell

    Thank you for posting the summary. I also just ordered: The Sifted Generation: Tested, Tried, and Found True By Michael L. Henderson on the recommendation above. The book summaries I read look very interesting! We are seeing the same pressures in gatherings around us geographically, and have...
  8. bigmoose

    Pelosi's Speech Tear Was The Best Applause For Trump

    There was another case of these demonRat politicians talking to imaginary friends last week. Do you remember Schumer talked to his empty seat as if to demand the "imaginary occupant" remove themselves so that he could sit down. I agree with the concept that they may be interacting with demonic...
  9. bigmoose

    Pelosi's Speech Tear Was The Best Applause For Trump

    POTUS did a great job with his speech! Uplifting, inspiring and unifying! I can't wait as "The best is yet to come!" ... and we know Biblically that statement is true! Only a matter of time till the Lord comes to take His bride home... only a matter of time! By the way, a friend sent me a...
  10. bigmoose

    It Makes a Difference, Mrs. Clinton

    Puts this ol' guy there also! Born and raised with "no one left behind..."
  11. bigmoose

    The Impeachment Debacle

    Back in the day... I used to describe to staff about "wartime commanders" and "peacetime commanders." As we all seem to be in consensus, we as a country, and we as a world are in deep trouble. We are at "war" for our freedoms against a global adversary who's goal is to enslave us unto the...
  12. bigmoose

    Franklin Graham responds after UK event canceled for 'incompatible' LGBTQ views

    It has been my experience in life, that when humans are confronted with Truth they appear to have only two options: 1) Acknowledge that Truth, repent, and then conform to Truth ... or 2) Attack the bearer of Truth, either intellectually or physically, to remove Truth from their world, as they...
  13. bigmoose

    Tomorrow at noon

    As it was written... so shall it be. What a time to be alive! God is again moving in prophecy and earthly developments. Joel 3:2
  14. bigmoose

    Tomorrow at noon

    Looking forward to hearing the details. I've heard rumors of content, but anymore I don't listen to "rumors" as everyone seems to spin news for their benefit. I'll wait and see what POTUS has come up with. It just might be verrrrry interesting!
  15. bigmoose

    March For Life!

    Very happy with my President throwing all his support towards "saving the babies." We all know they aren't "tissue", they are babies, God's little ones. Whom He knew in their Mother's womb, and Who knit their bones. I have a meme of our president with two little babies in his arms running...
  16. bigmoose

    Report from the Richmond VA Rally with pics

    vbf you did well, and you were right. Thank you for the pictures and the commentary. Praise be to God that everything went very smoothly.
  17. bigmoose

    Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz join Trump’s impeachment defense team

    Here is where I have been sending my letters: (I'm pretty sure it works as I've gotten replies) Honorable President Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500
  18. bigmoose

    Sheriff on Virginia Dems' gun control push: 'Never seen something so strongly opposed'

    Virginia is a test case. I pray ALL the patriots keep a cool head. I do believe Soros and the deep state will try to foment instigate a clash. Praying for a peaceful protest. Edit: Just read Antifa is going to this event and siding with the 2nd Amendment folks... no good will come from this...
  19. bigmoose

    Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz join Trump’s impeachment defense team

    TWW thank you for your post and the encouragement to write POTUS! I have been sending off a letter every month for a long time, and for the same reason you do... this man deserves some encouragement for putting himself in the line of fire for we, the people. He could of sold out, like all...
  20. bigmoose

    Update On Impeachment!

    I am afraid if the Repubs quickly dismiss, the demonRats will just continue on and on and on... I think we might have a long, drawn out trial, that continues to expose the rot in DC. I think the only way forward is to shine light on this mess and let the chips fall where they may, and on both...