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  1. twerpv

    Dan Bongino on John Bolton's manuscript leak: 'There is nothing here'

    So what if Trump ‘wanted the Bidens investigated’ .... The fact is he wasn’t or hasn’t yet. It’s a thought crime which isn’t a crime.
  2. twerpv

    Watters: Dad who confronted Warren about student loan policy proved she's 'buying votes from debtors'

    This is what I have been screaming about (in my head) regarding bailing out student loans. I won’t tell you what it cost my wife and I but let’s just say I’d be that much closer to retirement ..
  3. twerpv

    Trump to tell Israelis they have 6 weeks to get peace plan moving — report

    What if Trump is the Anti-Christ? Not saying he is or anything. Hope not because I’ve been a big fan of his.
  4. twerpv

    Rambling Thoughts

    So New Jerusalem, NOT New Jersey....
  5. twerpv

    Southern Living

    Where are you moving from? We live in Michigan and I love the change of seasons although I don’t love Jan and Feb. I could see not being here during that time frame when retired. I was going to suggest either North or South Carolina. Lower cost of living and pretty great weather. Not too many...
  6. twerpv

    Update On Impeachment!

    Well funny you should mention Jeopardy. They had a pic of Adam Schiff looking for who he was and none of the contestants ‘buzzed’ in to answer. :)
  7. twerpv

    Trump to be at March for Life

    Pretty impressive that he just keeps going. This will enrage the satanic left even more (if that were even possible) and I LOVE it!
  8. twerpv

    The Women’s March Goes From ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ to ‘Hundreds’

    Admittedly, I could be wrong about this but it seems that left wing ‘rallies’ always or mostly have identity politics at its core (women rallies, black rallies, gay rallies, etc) vs conservative ones where they are issue or values driven.
  9. twerpv

    Update On Impeachment!

    My blood starts to boil whenever Schiff opens his pie hole, the thing that brings me immediately back down is God telling me, ‘your reaction is what satan wants. Don’t give it to him.’
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    The end of privacy- Clearview App

    I know I should. I’ve been changing the oil and brakes on the TwerpV fleet for a while now. My problem is we sold our old Honda Accord to the boy (it had 245k on it- he got a deal:)) and I bought a used BMW. That thing is all computer driven. I NEED the ODB 2 scanner! And btw, don’t judge me on...
  11. twerpv

    The end of privacy- Clearview App

    That would be helpful if they would also send me a text telling what’s wrong, recommend where to get it fixed and provide (3) different quotes. Oh and reviews of the places too.
  12. twerpv

    Report from the Richmond VA Rally with pics

    You mean like supplying the Mexican drug cartels with guns (looking at you Eric Holder #fastandfurious)
  13. twerpv

    Terrorists Can Do No Wrong

    Something about calling evil good, good ....
  14. twerpv

    San Francisco teachers could get rent relief with planned housing projects

    Well, not knowing what the teachers make now, this seems like a good idea to help keep quality teachers (yes there are many) in cities like this. I cannot imagine trying to live in San Francisco (for a lot of reasons).
  15. twerpv

    At least one rocket hits near Iraq base hosting US forces

    I’m not judging the lack of response because what do I know? However it just seems weird to me that we would ‘allow’ this to go on without a response. Why do we have to wait until someone is killed or maimed before we ‘do’ something. My (ignorant) thought is any time a rocket/missile is fired...
  16. twerpv

    Virginia’s Governor Northam’s Proposed Gun-Confiscation Squad

    It’s like he is inviting the bad guys to come (with their guns) because law abiding citizens won’t have them. Idiot.
  17. twerpv

    A mom with a heartache

    A couple suggestions that may help. I’ve done these and I have faith they are working. 1. Text them links to articles off this website. No need to make much commentary. Let them explore. 2. Connect them with a great biblical podcast. I know my son started listening to Adrian Rogers sermons...
  18. twerpv

    Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler

    You know you’ve lost an argument when you resort to calling someone (or group) Nazis that haven’t killed, maimed and destroyed over 6 million people (or anyone for that matter).
  19. twerpv

    Infiltration of the Church

    People are going to be deceived only if they want to be. If they are earnestly seeking God’s Word, He will open their eyes to this deceit. I tell my kids (23 and 20) often to test what they see, hear and read against God’s Word. They (none of us) will not be able to rightly claim we were fooled...