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  1. chaser

    Magnetic North is shifting, North to south shift and the 7 seal judgments ?

    Found this while reading at grace Through Faith The Four Horsemen, al Mahdi, and the Magnetic Polar Reversal By Jack Kelley Saturday March 11th, 2006 About 14 Minutes to Read Home » End Times Prophecy » The Four Horsemen, al Mahdi, and the Magnetic Polar Reversal Commentary on...
  2. chaser

    2019 Pictures of the week from Hubble telescope
  3. chaser

    Ebola reaches 3rd province in Congo

    I am supplying the link to the story, you would think this story would be everywhere?? This story is 6 days old
  4. chaser

    U.S. National debt breaks 22$Trillion

    National debt hits new milestone, topping $22 trillion National debt hits new milestone at $22 trillion, up $2.06 trillion since Trump took office By MARTIN CRUTSINGER AP Economics WriterWASHINGTON — Feb 12, 2019 7:07 PM ET facebook twitter mail camera (J. David Ake/AP, FILE) In this Thursday...
  5. chaser

    Senate rejects 2 bills to reopen Government
  6. chaser

    I like the New Look when the main page comes up

    Pretty cool with the Rapture, Trib stuff!
  7. chaser

    Why the East Gate in Jerusalem is significant

    By Dr. David R. Reagan Did you know that the Eastern Gate in the Old Walled City of Jerusalem is one of the key symbols of end time Bible prophecy? Did you know that the gate as it stands today is a fulfillment of a prophecy recorded over 2,000 years ago in the book of Ezekiel? Did you know...
  8. chaser

    Border agents say build the wall Posted Jan 3, 2019, 5:36 pm Paul Ingram With his political allies in the Border Patrol's union behind him...
  9. chaser

    Spirals in nature,galaxies,flowers,snailshells and DNA

    I am a nerd at times and like this kind of stuff so thought I would post it, our Creator God, who is like Him, no one! Why Do Spirals Exist Everywhere in Nature? Posted by samwoolfeMarch 19, 2015 Home Spirals are a common shape found in nature, as well as in sacred architecture. In the...
  10. chaser

    Senator Jeff Flake wants to raise taxes right now, Carbon Tax coming! Flake, Coons Introduce Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Legislation Posted on Dec 20 2018 Share WASHINGTON – U.S. Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) yesterday...
  11. chaser

    Ebola outbreak is now 2nd worst in Africa
  12. chaser

    Site seems a little slow today speed wise

    Site seems a little slow today speed wise, and the number of members seems to be considerably lower than normal, anyone else notice ? I thought maybe it was my computer, I did a restart and it is fine, just our site is slow when refreshing it and it seems to lock up for a few moments?
  13. chaser

    I have a question about Psalm 119

    Why does this Psalm have 22 chapters or sections ? My bible has a word or title above each chapter, is this Hebrew and what does it mean? What is the tiny symbol that I can hardly see(old eyes)is this a letter of the Hebrew alphabet? Psalm 119 must have significant importance the way it is put...
  14. chaser

    Ebola outbreak in Congo is worse because the war in the region.

    This is the most recent news I could find, most other links are 1 month or even longer, not getting much coverage on world news.
  15. chaser

    When I open the RF page I notice that lately a banner appears top of page.

    When I open the RF page I notice that lately a banner appears top of page. It wants me to sign up for a news letter, is this legit or some web attempt at phishing. After getting hacked before and losing $ from an account I am very leery of notices popping up on my screen.
  16. chaser

    Saw Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom today, anyone here see it yet ?

    Saw Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom today, anyone here see it yet ? Went to the first show time at 10:30 a.m. at Westroads, it was entertaining, man makes dino's from DNA to make $$, and that creates running and screaming and the bad guys become snacks. I was surprised it lasted longer than I...
  17. chaser

    Russians moving military equipment on ships ?

    Russian ships loaded with tanks, military trucks on their way.
  18. chaser

    Roman Catholicism compared to Biblical Christianity

    I came out of the RCC and thought this was informative and useful to see where each side stands, and may help as a witnessing tool. About the first 1/3 is about RCC doctrines and then the Bible Christianity comparisons begin with Doctrine of Jesus, coming out of RCC I found it interesting that...
  19. chaser

    Shout out to all

    New member here giving a shout out to all my brothers & sisters on this site, as some before me I see familiar names and faces from another rapture pad, salute!