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  1. twerpv

    Trump to be at March for Life

    Pretty impressive that he just keeps going. This will enrage the satanic left even more (if that were even possible) and I LOVE it!
  2. twerpv

    God’s Not Dead

    My daughter texted me this. She is going to it tonight. She’s going to give me an update after. ‘God's Not Dead with Dr. Rice Broocks at Michigan State U.’ Love it.
  3. twerpv

    Who’s a good boy?

    It’s funny because it has a hint of truth it.
  4. twerpv

    Leviathan from Job

    This has probably been asked and answered before. Are we to assume that the Leviathan that is described in Job is what we would associate with a dragon?
  5. twerpv

    Where in the world is ....?

    Mods, if this needs to be merged, moved or deleted, please do so. So I’ve been a member here since 2010. As we know, it’s an amazing forum for solid biblical teaching and fellowship. Reading an old post, I noticed many names in it that I haven’t seen in quite some time. I’m wondering where...
  6. twerpv

    So many things wrong here

    Warning: this is kind of, well no not kind of disgusting. It is. Warning 2: careful as you try to follow the hypocrisy, duplicity and the liberals eating their own.
  7. twerpv

    Alabama abortion bill - signed!

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been posted yet. Or maybe I just haven’t seen it. This will get interesting.
  8. twerpv

    Matthew 10

    So I’ve read this chapter before. Several times but just reading it again this morning has caused me to wonder who this is directed to and the meaning behind a few of the verses. Can anyone recommend a study or give a link to where this may have been discussed on here before? Thanks so much!
  9. twerpv

    Zion National Park

    Has anyone been here? I’ve spent the last few days hiking a number of different trails and really enjoying the scenery. It’s hard to describe the majesty of this place. Even pictures do not due justice to the beauty. With that stated, what’s the belief for how this was created. Did God straight...
  10. twerpv

    It’s not even hidden

    How anyone continues in this organization, I just don’t know.... (btw, I have family still attending or at least identifying with it).
  11. twerpv

    Amazing seeing this...

    Reading Revelation as a 14yr old, I never would have imagined people accepting this willingly.....
  12. twerpv

    Solomon the wisest?

    So as we have read that Solomon was the wisest man in his day and yet as I have been reading in 2 Kings 23:13, I was surprised to read that he set up “high places” to honor the gods Ashtoreth, Chemosh and Molech. Seems odd to me and not so wise. Especially given his blessings from God. I guess I...
  13. twerpv

    Well this isn’t surprising

    This is what we know. Imagine what we don’t know that is in place ......
  14. twerpv

    Psalm 116 question

    In Psalm 116:16 it reads “Truly I am your servant, Lord; I serve you just as my mother did; You have freed me from my chains.” Who is speaking here? Whose mother? And do we know the mother? And lastly, what chains? Literal or figurative? Thank you!
  15. twerpv

    President Trump in Elkhart, IN

    So I live in the viewing area, so they televised the President's rally on our local news channels last night. Not sure how many saw or watched this but he was 'en fuego' again. One story he told that I knew would be near and dear to all of us here. Regarding the embassy move to Jerusalem. He...
  16. twerpv

    AI and the future

    So I have listened to a couple Jan Markell's podcast regarding AI (and subsequentially, how that plays into MOB, et. al.). In any event, 'they' keep telling us how much more intelligent AI will be than humans. And that they will continue to 'increase their knowledge', self-learning and all...
  17. twerpv

    A good story in sports

    So we rarely read anything like this. Not judging those within the article. Not my place. Just a refreshing read ....
  18. twerpv

    'You're not the boss of me!'

    Go Niki Haley! Yet another example as to why Donald Trump was elected. It's not that hard to understand ..... for most of us.
  19. twerpv

    1 Timothy 2:15

    Having a hard time understanding this verse. How are women saved through childbirth?
  20. twerpv

    The "brightest"

    Something about God using the 'wise' things of man to be foolish. Or something.