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    . I've participated on more than thirty forums and message boards since going online in 1997. I can recall only one thread that discussed the Song of Solomon. I'm curious why that is. NOTE: Solomon was literally a world class bigamist. He had something like 700 wives and 300 concubines (1Kings...
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    Forum Venues

    . Internet forums have given many of Christ's obscure followers a convenient pulpit for sharing their time-won knowledge and experience with a worldwide audience. For the world's sake, I highly recommend making an effort to compose legible posts; neatly arranged, sensible, and tidy because...
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    Just In

    . Hello; I was baptized an infant into Roman Catholicism in 1944 but switched Protestantism in 1968. I learned to use a PC without a mouse, when the only screen colors available were gray scale and amber. I think that was somewhere around 1988. My files were stored on 5¼ floppy discs. A...
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    Training To Understand JWs

    . For a home-spun religion whose origin is relatively recent, the Watchtower Society has done pretty well for itself. Beginning with one man shortly after the American Civil War, it currently numbers approximately 8.2 million active members spread out in approximately 118,000 congregations...