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  1. Len

    Update On Impeachment!

    For the past year or so I have been visiting an older christian gentleman in a care facility as he has dementia (which is getting worse) and every visit he always asks if the lord is coming soon or he says that the lord is coming soon and that numerous times during the visit ..... yesterday he...
  2. Len

    Jack Van Impe, dead at 88

    His wonderfully faithful and gifted "generation" are all passing away ......
  3. Len


    G'day Alice and welcome to the best end time forum on the planet!
  4. Len

    The Regathering of the Jewish People

    Exciting to see God bringing His promises and prophecies to fruition ...... NOT much waiting for us now brothers and sisters, and only a little longer for the Jewish people to see the Messiah!
  5. Len

    KJVer Easy Read bible Anyone got it?

    I bought the giant print leather KJVer bible and am pleased with the quality and readability, though a little heavy due to the extra size print needing more pages LOL, but I reccomend this to anyone who loves the KJV or wants to know they have a good translation... The KJVER® (King James Version...
  6. Len

    5G will make the Mark of the Beast possible

    I am expecting that people would be told that "there is something extra" in your anti flu shot this year sir!!
  7. Len

    Continuing the Reformation

    the "world" should be looking forward to that seventh day of rest ..... as it lasts such a lonnnnngggg time!
  8. Len

    A Leap of Faith…Ya Think?

    Well I'm heavenly blessed and worldly wise I'm a peeping-tom techie with x-ray eyes Things are going great, and they're only getting better
  9. Len

    Kids being targetted again ....

  10. Len

    Iran warns Europe against triggering nuclear deal dispute resolution process

    if you don't believe our blatant lies and misdirections, then we will threaten you with ......... but please give us money in the meantime!
  11. Len

    The Show Must Go On!

    I would agree with the OP to a point. because God has His people everywhere and unfortunatly most would be hiding in a place like Sodomywood, but there are a few though not all at their peak or well known Chris Pratt Gary Busey Mr. T Stephen Baldwin Denzel Washington Chuck Norris ****** I must...
  12. Len

    2020: The Year in Review

    o_O:(:catball:cry really have mixed feeling about those scenario's but specially saddened with the news of perhpas having to wait so many years for the rapture .... though the only upside is my family might see things a little more the Lords way if things decline so much eh!
  13. Len

    Rocket lands near Balad base hosting US troops in Iraq

    that seems to be okay and not as bad as I was thinking then, but another thought/scenario I had after reading this was that "if" an earthquake happens under the reactor as apparently it is on a fault line then it would most certainly be released into the atmosphere yes?
  14. Len

    Historic amount of rainfall in northern Israel

    Wow!....... climate change at work in Israel.......... a supernatural event from a supernatural working God!
  15. Len

    Rocket lands near Balad base hosting US troops in Iraq

    Ecologically speaking, what would be the outcome of bombing a nuclear reactor in that particular region?
  16. Len

    Drone Strike’s Possible Prophetic Purpose

    That is a good thought but I would think that God would tell us it is Him that did it, so that we would give Him the glory due His name so to speak....
  17. Len

    Demons or Jesus – Your Choice

    I enjoyed this article and can just see all this coming together around the world at an astounding rate of knots, attacking, effecting and working on all age groups without a let up, so a good article and if I am out of line with my thoughts below, please accept my apologies in advance. I would...
  18. Len

    Donald Trump to address the nation on Iran attacks at 11 a.m.

    unless ........ your in opposition and a democrat apparently.
  19. Len

    House to vote to limit Trump's ability to take military action against Iran

    Funny thing!! ...... I am an aussie living in australia and never been to the US, know little of the political enviroment or laws ....... but I would really like to strangle Pelosi and her mad dog crew .... okay feel so much better now I got that off my chest LOL!