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  1. Diane B

    My daughter was saved :)

    Praising God!
  2. Diane B

    Mass shooting Texas

  3. Diane B

    Post Dairy Farming, Walmart, Pride Month, & God Through It All

    Thank you for sharing. It is such a shame that our work can't just be that- work. That everything has to be so political/politically correct. I am most eagerly looking for the Lord's return.
  4. Diane B

    My Testimony/My Message

    Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  5. Diane B

    Here's my testimony

    Welcome! Thank you for sharing your testimony.
  6. Diane B

    Testimony of my cancer journey and how God used it to open my eyes.

    Thank you for your sharing your story. So glad to have you in our Rapture forum family! Looking forward to meeting you when the Lord returns.
  7. Diane B

    left behind

    In 1 Corinthians 15, it says we are changed. If we are transformed/changed, we no longer need our clothing, etc. These things (glasses, dentures, contact lenses, jewelry) are signs of our mortality and earthly lives. I would assume that they would be unnecessary in Heaven and unworthy of...
  8. Diane B

    Hell question

    My understanding and thoughts on Hell: 1. Absence of God=absence of all that is good warmth, light, food, companionship, comfort, 2. It is promised in Revelation 21:4 that all tears will be wiped away in Heaven, so I assume in Hell: there continues to be pain, grief, regret, crying 3...
  9. Diane B

    Sara Ann

  10. Diane B

    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    We had grilled salmon with roasted red potatoes and green beans. Dinner is a challenge at times in my house. My husband won't eat fruit. My oldest son (21) is diabetic and has celiac, so no gluten (rye, wheat, barley). My oldest daughter (almost 19) won't eat bread (but likes cinnamon rolls...
  11. Diane B

    President Trump Has Approved Military Strikes

    Watching and praying. Amazing times we live in!
  12. Diane B

    Teen suicide is soaring. Do spotty mental health and addiction treatment share blame?

    Cireth :hug I so completely understand how you feel. I recently "came home" from working for over 22 years and despising most every moment of working. Everyone is told they have to have a career and your worth comes from your ability to financially support yourself. Those are lies. Lies told to...
  13. Diane B

    What If Jesus Said “Relax Guys…?”

    For no truly Biblical reason, I feel the Rapture will be at night for where I am. No real reason. Just a thought. Waiting eagerly to be proven right or wrong.:D
  14. Diane B

    Teen suicide is soaring. Do spotty mental health and addiction treatment share blame?

    Hopelessness, unrealistic expectations (created by social media), and broken homes/society have greatly impacted the frightening mental health crises for our young people. The children's hospital I worked for had an abundance of young people on suicide watches (a little less than 10% of the...
  15. Diane B

    Loudram is back.

    welcome back! I am glad to hear that you, Debbie, and Kenny are doing well.
  16. Diane B

    Looking like WW3 soon..

    I agree that some will realize. Others will be deceived (and have been indoctrinated nicely by media for years to believe that any catastrophes in the world are due to global warming/climate change; our disappearances will be blamed on aliens or some other theory).
  17. Diane B

    Looking like WW3 soon..

    All of these elements of prophecy are swirling around before us as we try to make sense of it. The Lord told us of the signs and the seasons, but I wonder how much we will really care when we arrive in Heaven? Will we be like "oh, that's how it is happening!" or will we just be so in awe of...