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    Walmart sells demon book for children This book is for sale, I found it on it's literally a demon...
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    Chinese Govt Tears Down Church with Worshippers Inside I know China is very anti Christian, but while people are in there? We need to keep the Chinese Christians in our prayers.
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    World's Largest Ouija Board Salem Massachusetts gets a huge ouija board. I'm sure that will work out for them...
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    Sweden church names Greta Thunberg successor to Jesus I just saw this and can't believe a church would go there.
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    My God is Great

    In my childhood, I loved God. I do not have an explanation for it, we prayed over dinner but that was the end of Christian teaching. We did not go to church, but I remember singing to God and loving him. As I got older life was not so kind, and I begged God for death more times than I can...
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    I'm glad to have found this forum. Hello from Texas!