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  1. Lookingup83

    After reading the Simeon thread I wanted to ask a follow up question to everyone as those were quite interesting.

    I would like to be around my family, namely my atheist brother and uncle. My best friend also who doesn't believe in a rapture, she would hear the trumpets and be amazed! That only happens at holidays, but it would be pretty epic.
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    Had a dream the other day after praying on whether I'd see the rapture. Suffice it to say it was a wonderful dream that confirmed how I already felt in my heart. I just can't wait!
  3. Lookingup83

    There are no words....

    I think it was in poor taste to have you assume the character of Jesus. They may have meant well by having you go through the Bible, but the gameplay looks like your casting spells and stuff.
  4. Lookingup83

    Sudden' volcano eruption in New Zealand kills five, several missing

    Oh dear, no one expected that one to go off then? Poor people
  5. Lookingup83

    Bad, unhealthy, unholy commercials

    The emt show is Emergency! I like to watch the old stuff like Andy Griffith and Gomer Pyle too. I can't watch most of the new stuff, it's just so filthy.
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    A little prayer for salvation (Romans 9:10)

    My experience with salvation happened in the same way. I said the words, then later believed wholeheartedly. I'm not exactly sure how much time there was between the two.
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    Bad, unhealthy, unholy commercials

    I only have over the air tv so I guess I just haven't seen a lot of these. They mostly play old people insurance
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    Vaccine exposer found dead

    Thanks for schooling me Ozaprah. I'm still confident we made the right choice, but I had no idea it was for those reasons.
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    Vaccine exposer found dead

    When my son was born they tried to give him the hepatitis shot, even though we opted out of it on the paperwork. My husband stopped them. Why does a baby need a hepatitis shot anyway? The only vaccine we gave him was at 2, the tetanus one. Had I known about the aborted baby dna in it I never...
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    Vaccine exposer found dead

    I got the flu shot once when I worked at the hospital. I was fairly immune to just about anything from my job environment. I got the worst flu of my life a week after that shot.
  11. Lookingup83

    Vaccine exposer found dead

    I just can't trust those vaccines since I heard about the aborted baby material in them. I didn't trust them before, I sure can't now.
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    When The Timing Is Right

    Aliens is my vote, everyone just loves them. Christians included for the most part.
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    I would call that a message from the Lord's too perfect.
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    Other than having rapture dreams I would say no. It's just a strong feeling that I will see it.
  15. Lookingup83

    Left Behind

    I saw them both, but I enjoyed the Kirk Cameron ones more haha
  16. Lookingup83

    Sleep Paralysis

    I have taken to praying nightly for protection from demonic entities since my experience not long ago with the red light. I have not had an issue since thank God. So creepy!
  17. Lookingup83

    Sleep Paralysis

    I have experienced similar things in the past and recently. All I can say for sure is satan is mad and trying to mess with Christians as much as he can. Ask Jesus to send the spirits away and he will.
  18. Lookingup83

    Some Airlines Will Separate You From Your Kid if You Don't Pay Extra

    I would not be ok with having my child sit away from me. That's insane...
  19. Lookingup83

    Walmart sells demon book for children

    I will certainly email them, and Amazon, it's for sale there too...
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    I'm glad you put your foot down, that takes strength! I don't have any helpful advice, I'm homeschooling my son but he's only 2.