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  1. Hannah

    Can't do a Search.

    I get a message to say my UserID doesn't have the ability to do one. I can't list off NEW Posts that function is missing off my menu selection. I still can't get into my profile to see it let alone change anything?? :idunno:
  2. Hannah

    On Death Row

    What struck me thinking about this verse today is that all Unrepentant Sinners are like Prisoners on Death Row waiting for the day of their execution. Those of us who REPENTED and RECEIVED Christ we didn't just get a Stay of Exectution but we all got our sentence completely dropped and we were...
  3. Hannah

    The Book of Jude

    Teaching on the Book of Jude from a Bible Commentary website. Free Bible Commentary on the Letter of Jude in simple English False Teachers do have a great impact on fellow Believers. What do we do abandon them? Cut ourselves totally from them? Seems we are to Rescue them, first by...
  4. Hannah

    Stressed, Sick and Miserable

    :sickly So exhausted today. All the stress of the past month has resulted in getting a cold and an infected eye and I'm also so arthritic at the moment and just can't manage to get rested and feel better. Frustrated more than anything. :hairout: Off to bed for me again. :sleep: Can't...
  5. Hannah

    Had a very Bad Night

    I was really sick yesterday and had a very bad night. Once again you Trust in the Lord and have peace but Satan loves to put a Fire under you and watch you to see if you will Still Praise the Lord in the Midst of Suffering and Pain. Well I went through another almost had to go to Hospital...
  6. Hannah

    Sad today

    I'm sad because a much love furbaby in my brothers household is extremely sick and we know from years of experience this is it for her. Got to take her to the Vet and we know she will probably not come home today. I don't want to do into the details the cat has been sick on and off for a...
  7. Hannah

    It's Hard Going with Sickness and Pain.

    Another very bad day yesterday. So tired, exhausted and shattered. I can't keep going like this and yet God doesn't move to make it any better. The doctors can't fix it and I do have medication. As I've said before the doctors are waiting for some really bad episode to cause the need for...
  8. Hannah

    Drink Offering?

    Several questions. First basically what does the drink offering do? I know it is wine offered at scarifices or it can be on it's own. Animal scarifices cover Sin but what does the Drink Offering do? The other is of course why is Paul describing himself in this manner? Thanks :hat:
  9. Hannah

    Today's Newspaper

    Saying that the News in todays Newspaper is often depressing and obviously full of signs of the End Times is certainly not a surprise to most on this Forum. Today I found our Local Newspaper The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia) very hard to read. I have never seen a Newspaper so full of...
  10. Hannah

    Takes a Long time to view threads

    Rant ON! Great that RF is available on Twitter and Facebook etc.. However I can only afford dialup and it takes a long time if I want to go into a thread. I have noted all the various connections going on as my computer brings up the thread I have selected to view. I have to wait for...
  11. Hannah

    Different but the Same

    I was thinking about the different personalities we have here on RF in any Christian Fellowship. I was discussing some here with my husband and how we all seem to have a specific skill or niche that compliments others here. Some of us are loud and noticable. Opinionated and passionate for...
  12. Hannah

    Well it's time to make some Chicken Soup.

    Despite it being Summer here in Sydney, it has been so rainy and cold so I can make some soup and chicken stock all at the same time. Taking advantage of the really cool days we have to make some soup today. It will heat up again & be too hot for making or eating Soup but I prefer my own...
  13. Hannah

    Record breaking Heat today 45C across most of Sydney

    Sydney Australia (where I live) I noted my temp gauge actually 46C today the News reported 45C across most of Sydney (even beachside residence). Waiting for the COOL change! Fires across much of Eastern Australia in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria. Today is it for a while we have...
  14. Hannah

    Australia Heatwave Conditions Perfect Fire Storm Conditions for Tusday 8th Jan 2013

    We already had a massive fire down in Tasmania (an island off the mainland). Several seaside villages lost up to 100 homes in a raging fire these past two days. There are still some people missing feared dead. Race to control fires ahead of NSW heatwave - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting...
  15. Hannah

    Thank you Forensics (BTW your PM Full)

    :bighug thanks and blessings to you and your family as well. :nod :tree
  16. Hannah

    Chip Butty for Breakfast!

    :cookiemonster: Disgusting I know but I'm feeling well today and I felt like Hot Chips and my wheat free bread arrived at the local Health food shop so I thought why not! Hot Chip Butty with tomato sauce. :hehheh Takes me back to my days growing up. School holidays we would have a few...
  17. Hannah

    Health & Wealth: a Biblical perspective

    Wasn't sure where to put this. :scratch: I want to recommend a young man (well he is compared to me) who exposes the Health & Wealth heresies taught by Word Of Faith preachers. His name is Justin Peters. I got to hear him and meet him here in my own backyard in Australia. He was a guest...
  18. Hannah

    We're having a Heatwave!

    I wish it was a tropical heatwave because that would mean I'm located on some lovely holiday beach resort rather than in a big City in my own backyard. Sydney has sweltered through another hot day. It was 31C where I live in Sydney yesterday it reached 38C today and tomorrow it is supposed...
  19. Hannah

    Must be doing something right as the Devil won't leave us Alone.

    Well most of you know I am struggling with major bowel problems (especially since I had a major bowel operation). OK so my bowel was doing fine and now it's acting up again. Still suffering sleepless nights. My husband has had an old injury re-surface and trouble with his Cpat machine. In a...
  20. Hannah

    Venting !!!!!!

    :frust: :hairout: Car warranties are not worth the paper they are written on and the supposed Government bodies that are supposed to Keep them Honest are nothing but toothless tigers. Just spent the day trying to get some justice for being charged for work NOT done AND given a snow job...