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  1. aldanielle


    I voted for Trump, I will say, but winky because I didn’t want Hillary in office. I think overall he has done well. My question is, what is it that Trump has done that you all mention helps fulfill prophecy? I see everyone on here speaking on how he has helped bring things to fruition so I’m...
  2. aldanielle

    The rapture and pets I found this and it made my heart smile. I know my family doesn’t believe pets will be raptured with up (well half do and half don’t). I was googling for fun...
  3. aldanielle

    The last Gentile

    That is all we are waiting for, correct? It seems like everyone is saying birth pangs are getting more frequent and I would have to agree, although I’m new to studying these things. I was discussing with my friend and she was saying she walked into books a million and was greeted by shelves...
  4. aldanielle

    Why are you here?

    I was just curious about what brought you all here and was hoping you’d share the experiences that brought you to RF! What led me here was a friend encouraging me to read up in the end times and sending me updates weekly. I started searching on my own and found a wonderful article here. My...
  5. aldanielle

    2020 election

    I was reading an article the other day, I’ll post the link. I was wondering what all of your thoughts are on the election to come. It seems to me it is not good either way. (Also, I’m praying we get raptured before the election, of course, and don’t have to deal with it...
  6. aldanielle


    Does anyone feel like warfare has intensified for everyone recently? I know it has for me. My friends and family as well. I pray the Lord returns for us soon.
  7. aldanielle

    Glory to God!

    I woke up to a message from a friend that said, “Can you believe we may be the only generation to never experience death?” Another friend yesterday I had a chat with on the phone talked about how honored we are to be a part of this generation. I know sometimes I get in a rut and think we are...
  8. aldanielle

    My God is great.

    I am a new member and I was encouraged to share my testimony with you all. I want to say hello first and foremost and thank you all for being a part of this wonderful community! I grew up in a southern Baptist household. My grandfather and uncle were both pastors. My mom and dad got divorced...
  9. aldanielle

    What makes us different?

    I have been studying the end times recently. It amazes me how many people say, “people have been waiting for the rapture for years. Everyone has thought it would come in their lifetime.” They do not believe the end times are near. So, my question is this, is there anything that makes our time...