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    NYC Mayor on Columbia protests: 'We will not be a city of lawlessness'

    These protests are bought and paid for. Probably the reason a lot of non Muslims are getting in on the act.
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    Apparent self-immolation outside Trump trial in New York

    I have heard the man passed away. I don’t have any links, but I heard on the news that he believed the country was taken over by fascists. He was originally from Long Island and had moved to Florida.
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    60% of US Catholics say abortion should be legal, reflecting political divides within the Church

    This sounds like the Christmas and Easter crowd. The Catholics who go to church every week are predominantly pro life.
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    CRAZY: A woman wanted to get a loan at a bank loan-wheels in her dead uncle

    The attempt for this woman to get a loan was dead on arrival. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist) No seriously, this reminds me of the time I was a telephone operator at a psych ward. A patient was brought into admissions. The patient that was ready to be admitted didn’t look right. The aid said to...
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    2024 Eclipse

    I saw it at a campus watching party. It got to about 90%. I had to stand with my head up, trying to keep the glasses on. It was hard to keep my neck up and from falling down. Eventually I got tired of it. They were giving out free moon pies. My coworker was jokingly disappointed that she didn’t...
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    Earthquake in New Jersey

    Well, it was supposedly also 15 minutes from one of Trump’s golf courses.
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    Earthquake in New Jersey

    That’s funny, when it first happened I texted my boyfriend and said maybe Chis Christie fell out of bed.
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    Earthquake in New Jersey

    Right now I am watching the news and they are really making a big deal out of this. I know they have to be concerned about building integrity, but the NY media alway seems to make events centered around them. That being said, this fault line hasn’t had seismic activity since the 1800’s
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    Earthquake in New Jersey

    I know this might not seem like big news, but I just felt a 4.8 earthquake coming out of Lebanon New Jersey. I was kind of nervous because I’m home and I’m not sure when the shaking would stop. A sign of thins to come?
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    ISIS calls for Ramadan massacre of Christians and Jews by 'lone wolves'

    I’m not sure if I understand all of what you are trying to say. But I was particularly referring to muslin extremists. I work with Muslims on a daily basis, I also had Muslim neighbors who I dined with and they wouldn’t hurt anyone. But those who commit acts of terrorism in the name of alla are...
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    ISIS calls for Ramadan massacre of Christians and Jews by 'lone wolves'

    If they are Muslim fundamentalists they will not be scared. They believe they will be going to their warped religion’s paradise.
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    Radical Leftist New York Governor Kathy Hochul Booted from Wake for Murdered NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller

    The family didn’t want any democratic politicians, yet they keep showing up.
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    ‘Daddy Satan’ Endorses the Palestinian Cause

    “Daddy Satan” should call himself “Daddy Stupid” Unfortunately some have reached the point of unfixable.
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    2024 Eclipse

    It’s seven days after “National Atheists Day “ That should count for something. :scratch
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    BREAKING: Trump Unable to Secure Bond for $454 Million Judgment in NYC Fraud Case

    “Give send go” might be a better option, plus I wouldn’t trust my account helping Trump being tracked by “go fund me”
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    Planet Fitness Bans Woman for Taking Photo of ‘Transgender’ Biological Man Shaving in Women’s Locker Room

    As my mom would say, “Common sense has gone out the window” More moral decay every day. Another place not to patronize.
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    Your Face is Your Ticket

    Also of course you don’t need ID in most states to go and vote.:rolleyes:
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    Your Face is Your Ticket

    I’d like to do an about face on all this facial recognition, but we knew this would happen. Now there is an IRS no cost direct e-file pilot program that uses facial recognition. No thanks, I’ll continue to do my taxes on paper.
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    Biden Admin Preparing to Escort Boatloads of Haitians to Florida as Caribbean Country Implodes: Report

    I know we as Christians, need to be compassionate. We still live in the most compassionate country on earth, but enough is enough.