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  1. Saved and Waiting

    2024 Eclipse

    Well, April 8th is a Monday, my older brother and sister-in-law's 57th wedding anniversary, eight days before my youngest brother's 62nd birthday, and that's all I have for now :ahaha :noidea2:hehee
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    Marriage Question/Christian Advice

    You say your friend told you that her husband told her about this. She may be a great friend but she's also a gossip and I wonder why she had to tell you something 2nd hand that may be true, untrue, or embellished on by her or her husband? Christian men and women aren't immune from sinning...
  3. Saved and Waiting

    Itching Ears of the Last Days (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

    Wow!! Thank you, Lord, for Andy! Usually, a reading this long will either bore me somewhat or I just stop reading. Not in this case at all...I wanted to keep reading to the end and I felt the truth I was reading!!
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    Six House Dems accuse Netanyahu of ‘utter disregard for Palestinian lives’ after Israel visit

    I'm pretty sure Bibi doesn't give a rip what anti-Israel idiots think and say.
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    Report: Hezbollah tunnel system more sophisticated than Hamas's

    Agree :hairout I still believe this is the Psalms 83 war but I sure didn't think this war would drag on this long. We have Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and God only knows who else and Biden going to the UN to try and force Israel into a "pause". Will they all attack Israel together or will...
  6. Saved and Waiting

    2024: The Year Iran Will Go Nuclear If Western Powers Do Not Act

    I believe Israel will be the one to take out the nuclear capabilities in Iran. Biden and Co. bow to Iran so I can only see Israel striking Iran before it strikes Israel. Iran is still involved with Russia and others in Ezekiel 38/39 but it won't be nuclear.
  7. Saved and Waiting

    Turkey imposes economic sanctions on Israel

    from Jack Kelley: Scholars equate Turkey with Beth Togarmah, listed in Ezekiel 38:8 as a participant in the Moslem coalition that attacks Israel in the latter days. Turkey was a part of the Ottoman Empire. The 7 churches in Revelation were all in Turkey.
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    Desantis suspends 2024 campaign--endorses Trump.

    Saw Ron Desantis speaking on suspending his 2024 campaign. Interesting news!
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    IDF set to launch massive attack to seize Gaza's border with Egypt - WSJ

    I've read the below study by Jack Kelley several times and find it interesting...a lot of information to think about! Home » End Times Prophecy » What’s To Become Of Egypt? A Bible Study by Jack Kelley Once again my inbox contains a number of questions about Egypt, just like it did when...
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    Is it Possible?

    Q I know China and the kings of the east are not under his authority for they gather an army of 200 million men to attack the anti-Christ. Does God use them for his purpose to destroy the Anti Christ, or will God also eliminate this Army? A The only mention of a 200 million man army is in Rev...
  11. Saved and Waiting

    Trump: US will never help Europe under attack, NATO is dead

    I don't see Donald Trump as a dictator but I do see him as a big mouthed monkey wrench clogging up the New World's plans. Here came this business man who didn't give a hoot about names like Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, or any other creatures from the world's swamp. Actually, World War III...
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    And Such Were Some Of You

  13. Saved and Waiting

    Biden Panders to His Far-Left Base, Hangs Up On Netanyahu

    Agree and that excuse may well be the Rapture. We know that God Himself is the only One who is with Israel in the Ezekiel 38/39 war. So any wars between now and then that Israel is a part of may include help from others. I didn't even think America would get involved in the present one which...
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    White House: The United States will maintain military presence in Middle East

    The Houthi's should have been taken out when they first started firing on cargo vessels. Hezbollah will be taken out by Israel just like Hamas. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and others who come against Israel will be destroyed or at least neutralized. Damascus will be destroyed in one day. Kirby can...
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    IDF admits Christmas Eve Gaza airstrike killed dozens of innocents - report

    my nephew was killed by friendly fire in the Gulf War...sad but innocents get killed in wars. The biggest difference is Hamas and other terrorist groups do it on purpose and others, like the IDF, do not.
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    Seeking answers about the dead and The Rapture.

    From Jack Kelley: Since we won’t get our resurrected bodies until the rapture, do you think the people in heaven now have intermediate bodies? If so what do you think they do with their time? When we are raptured and have new bodies we will spend our time ruling with Christ during the...