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  1. maryrae

    Britain's King Charles diagnosed with cancer - Buckingham Palace

    I pray for the King. He may be a highly priviledged person, used to all the material things that the position grants him, but he still is a human being, with a body that wears out and gets sick, and a soul that needs to accepts Christ's sacrifice made on his behalf. I am hoping that the rifts...
  2. maryrae

    Were terrorists behind the explosions in Iran?

    It is now being reported that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility on Thursday for two explosions in Iran that killed...
  3. maryrae

    I'm back!

    Hi Heather! I remember you from RR. Welcome back! I pray that you will receive strength and encouragement among us as we wait for the Rapture.
  4. maryrae

    New research might point out to location, remains of Noah's Ark

    I'm wondering if there would be much left. After Noah and his family had left the ark, they would need some sort of shelter, perhaps tools to work the ground for crops, and where better to get the wood than to start with dismantling the ark? Just a thought. Still, it would be exciting to find...