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    Beware of SDA videos on the end times

    I have seen several videos on end times prophecies, but reading below the titles they were made by the Seventh Day Adventists. Personally, I don't want to take a chance on them corrupting my mind so I have been avoiding them from now on.
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    Cardinal Wants Catholic Teaching on Gays Changed

    I am not surprised after watching the movie, "Spotlight."
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    Four Types of Prophetic Judgment

    2 Chr 7:14 is misapplied to the body of Christ: it was intended for Israel. It puts conditions on God's acceptance. Israel will someday turn to God and accept Christ during the tribulation.
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    Justin Peters

    I have seen a few Justin Peters videos where he tries to expose false teachers like Ken Copeland and others. I figured out from watching him that he is a Calvinist and promotes lordship salvationists like John MacArthur and Phil Johnson. Because of this and other reasons I do not recommend him...