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    Islamist rebels kill at least nine in eastern Congo attacks

    Christianity is also growing fast in Africa. 25% of the world's believers are there. But Islamic State is in Africa too. When they lost their territory in the Middle East they went down to Africa and are trying to set up a new caliphate down there. Many of Africa's governments are weak or...
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    Dividing the Land and the rapture?

    In my view the "dividing of the land" is a past event. Joel 3 speaks of specific instances in which nations did this; vs 4-6 and also 19. When Israel was invaded, plundered and its land "divided up" as in the spoils of war. A Palestinian state is unlikely to end tensions in the region. It's...
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    Rapture or Tribulation?

    Earthquakes, disease, famine, persecution and wars have always been too. But those things were specifically listed by Jesus as heralds of the end. Jesus also mentioned a departure from truth (Matthew 24:10); but he listed it as coinciding with the rise of false prophets and messiahs that would...
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    International Christian and Jewish organization?

    I am not sure which one you are referring to, specifically. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews? That one is a legitimate charity, to help Jewish people in need. But its name is also misleading. They will take our money, but they don't want to hear anything about Jesus. With any...
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    The One World System

    The one world religion, if there will be one, wouldn't be Islam. If their goal was to amalgamate all the world's religions, (it isn't). Even "Chrislam", which generates such concern for some people. Serious adherents of both Christianity and Islam would never accept such a thing. The one world...
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    That Generation Shall Not Pass Away

    From my POV, the generation not passing away is Jesus speaking to the assurance that prophecy will be fulfilled. He uses similar terminology elsewhere (Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away). We don't need to stress about time frames because the signs of Matt 24...
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    The Silence of the Lambs

    The return of Christ needs to be relevant and meaningful. Even many prophecy teachers have lost the ability to relate this to their audience. Prophecy shouldn't be controversial but it is. People are jealously defensive of their eschatological position and become embittered and even nasty...