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  1. GA Watchman

    Inmate charged with attempted murder after George Floyd killer Chauvin stabbed 22 times

    Chauvin should be released & given $27 million.
  2. GA Watchman

    Former US first lady Rosalynn Carter dies at 96

    Not to fond of the Carter's down my way.
  3. GA Watchman

    What happens to Chinese, Indians, Hindus, Thais, Muslims, etc. at The Rapture?

    Do yall agree or believe that people entering the Tribulation who have previously heard the message of salvation will be able to accept Christ? My Preacher say's only those who have not heard the truth will be able to ?
  4. GA Watchman

    Elon Musk says AI will eventually create a situation where 'no job is needed'

    Tell AI to fix your stopped up drains.....Nope, I will still have a job.
  5. GA Watchman

    Why was the Israeli border undefended?

    I believe there was a base that was attacked, but apparently only a small contingent of soldiers were there?
  6. GA Watchman

    Why was the Israeli border undefended?

    I guess the time to respond to what was happening is most concerning to me.
  7. GA Watchman

    Why was the Israeli border undefended?

    Has this been discussed here? I have really been scrathing my head about why the response to this tragedy took so long to arrive such a small country as Israel. Driving from Jerusalem to the Gaza Border is an hour by car, so why did it take 6 hours for anyone with the army show up to help? Where...
  8. GA Watchman

    Biden takes off to Israel, calls off Jordan visit

    See this: "The Real (and Awful) Reason Biden is Coming to Israel | The Caroline Glick Show IN FOCUS" on YT for the answer about DumbDumbs visit. You won't be happy to Gaza with humanatarian aid if you want our bombs, plus many other nefarious things.
  9. GA Watchman

    North Korea fires ballistic missile

    I hope for salvation of the North Korean people, they have suffered so much in this life and it breaks my heart that they could be sent to the utimate suffering.
  10. GA Watchman

    27-year-old Chinese tourist dies after disappearing at popular South Carolina beach

    Here's how to survive riptides & sharks....Stay out of the ocean! Pools are for swimming! ;)
  11. GA Watchman

    Trump pleads not guilty to 34 criminal charges in New York court

    We are too busy watching Tik Tok & all the other wordly distractions to ever come together in civil revolt. That has been their plan for years.
  12. GA Watchman

    Who’s Running America?

    Satan is running the world!
  13. GA Watchman

    US House committee releases Trump tax returns he sought to keep secret

    That holds true for the Jan 6 fiasco! Come against them & be punshised for doing nothing. How many people will not attend a protest for fear of Gustopo reprisals.
  14. GA Watchman

    How Christians Became a Minority in the UK and How It’ll Happen Here

    If God tarries much longer will anyone of faith still be here ?
  15. GA Watchman

    Question about the Millennium...

    How could any sane person choose Satan when they will be able to see Jesus? We accepted salvation thru grace, they will have no doubts he is real.
  16. GA Watchman

    Question about the Millennium...

    I just don't understand the purpose of the MK? Why not go straight to the new earth & New Jerusalem?