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    Active shooter situation in Maine, 22 dead

    It's hard not to think about mkultra. I'm not even sure I'm totally willing to go down that rabbit hole but sometimes it seems like there might be some legitimacy to the idea.
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    Bibi is getting Biblical

    It kind of feels like they already are though. Wars don't happen overnight but they should have flattened Gaza within the first few days because public sentiment is especially fickle in these modern days and people are already "forgetting" the true horror of what Hamas did and are now being...
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    US House without a leader after ousting Kevin McCarthy in historic vote

    Those are my thoughts too. I don't want him to be like Pence. But pastors I mostly trust endorsed Pence so much that I am not so sure I can trust them being on board with this guy. I will wait and see.
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    Active shooter situation in Maine, 22 dead

    It was sort of the same with the mass shooting in Nova Scotia a few years back. Even the gun advocates in our country said they would have likely been taken by surprise by the guy. He had stolen a RCMP car and uniform and was knocking on people's doors. With our strict laws on keeping guns in...
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    Active shooter situation in Maine, 22 dead

    I've seen some reports say the third location was a Walmart Distribution Centre while other reports said a Medical Centre. Tough maybe they were confusing the Medical Centre with the Recreation Centre. Sometimes the two are connected. Anyways, it is horrific the evil that is in this land...
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    Egypt’s pyramids continue stunning experts, as new hidden rooms discovered

    I saw a documentary on Ancient Egypt where they pointed out some of the graffiti on the less grand buildings and yeah, people back then were as mature as the people of today. A lot of the ancient scrolls they found were basically porn as well. There was a record of a foreign visitor who was...
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    Vladimir Putin 'suffers cardiac arrest' sparking massive 'alarm' in Kremlin inner circle

    I'm at the point where they will televise his funeral 30 years in the future and I will still shake my head and say, "it's likely fake news. He's totally OK". I'll be as bad as the "Elvis is not dead" people.
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    Vladimir Putin 'suffers cardiac arrest' sparking massive 'alarm' in Kremlin inner circle

    I don't know what to believe at this point. Even if it's fake, there are going to be people saying it's a double in a mask or something when he is seen in public again. But death comes for us all. He has to die at some point though these rich leaders do seem to live forever. I don't...
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    Indigenous Slavers: American Indians Who Whipped and Owned Blacks

    It's completely necessary. Even so-called Christian churches are being swayed by the oppressor/oppressed CRT narrative and we need to stop looking at these other cultures with rose-coloured glasses. Churches in Canada have started to do "land acknoweldgements" and doing "healing circles" and...
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    Alex Jones cannot use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying $1B to Sandy Hook families, judge rules

    It's political punishment as much as anything else. Jones himself is kind of crazy but he is willing to platform otherwise reasonable people who are against the narrative. He holds some sway and is being punished for it. Mainstream media runs with lies all the time and is rewarded for it...
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    Is jihad coming to America?

    I think of my daughter.
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    Is jihad coming to America?

    It's the sadistic torture of the jihadis that get to me, I must confess. Not a so good way to go even if the destination is glorious.
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    Drinking a cup of Starbucks is drinking a cup of Jewish blood

    I was a huge, huge Starbucks drinker. I went there ALL the time with my friends. I loved it. But when the CEO had said that about conservatives it really rubbed me the wrong way and I vowed never to go back or buy any of their products again and I haven't.
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    How many Palestinians should die for Israel’s self-defense, asks UK’s Jeremy Corbyn

    My mom would say this all the time when I was growing up, haha. All Gazan deaths are on the heads of Hamas. They started the war and knew what would happen once they did. They are the ones who put their citizens in danger. So glad these modern bozos weren't in charge of the Allies in WW2...
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    US House without a leader after ousting Kevin McCarthy in historic vote

    Never been more grateful to be able to say, "Not my circus, not my monkeys". This seems like a ripe, old mess. I don't even know who to root for as Speaker. The divide between the political class and the people they are said to represent has never seemed wider. It was probably always this...
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    Forcing Transgenderism: How Did It Even Get This Far?

    What I find interesting is that Canada and Europe had legalized gay marriage for a long time before the States (Canada had a 10 YEAR head start) but the madness never really took off until the States legalized it. It was, what? A year??? before the whole Bruce/Caitlin Jenner thing happened. I...
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    The reason America hasn’t collapsed yet?

    Collapse doesn't tend to happen overnight. I think it's ultimately going to take a viable power to overtake it as it weakens too. I guess it is sort of like the sunset. The sun seems to hover over the horizon for a while as you enjoy the brilliant colours and's gone. The...
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    Air Canada pilot fired for posting offensive anti-Israel messages

    I'm tired of some right-wing, libertarian people saying support of Hamas falls under "free-speech" even if they find it 'repugnant'. It's not just 'repugnant'. These rallies are shouting "death to the Jews". That is not political speech. It's incitement to violence which has NEVER fallen...
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    Photos of babies being burnt, decapitated confirmed

    Hamas livestreams their attacks and brags about their accomplishments and people are still denying it. I know the government has lied about so much over the years but the alt-right and much of the libertarian side of the spectrum seem to really want to preserve the poor people of Gaza. They...