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  1. pixelpusher

    What are y'all having for supper?

    Steaks and bakes with salad here tonight. DW will have shrimps cause she doesn't like steak anymore. I forgot the sour cream, guess potatoes will just be butter, S&P.
  2. pixelpusher

    What are y'all having for supper?

    Spaghetti tonight but I feel a pot roast coming on.
  3. pixelpusher

    Are You Average or Normal?

    Normal is pre-Genesis 3.
  4. pixelpusher

    Marriage proposal

    Back in the day we were in art school, and we spent a lot of time shooting pool at this sports bar downtown. I put the engagement ring on my pool cue which I left propped against the wall. I told her in my best and uncharacteristic trailer park trash voice to "Chawk mah stick, Woman!". She said...
  5. pixelpusher

    Car Bans Could Be a Deciding Factor in 2024

    Ford F-150 Lightning fire footage highlights a growing EV risk Old story from this spring. Coming next year: the Ford F-150 Inferno. It outta like totally sell like hotcakes, fer shure. :kay Select trim levels...
  6. pixelpusher

    Whats your plans for the day?

    Hunkering down under Ophelia today -- it is icky outside. Praying our pines stay vertical and fluffy on top. Most of it should be past by later this afternoon. Remembered @fl2007rn as I prayed for all our safety last night before bed... I figured they'd be somewhere up here, glad to hear they...
  7. pixelpusher

    US finds debris from fighter jet one day after crash

    The Bee's headline was funny tho: Military Personnel Spotted Wandering in Forested Area Clicking Keyfob for F35 Jet".
  8. pixelpusher

    What are y'all having for supper?

    Undecided here as yet. Wouldn't mind having more pan-fried catfish, but have to find something else for DW.
  9. pixelpusher

    Pet Peeves

    I finally thought of one: my wonderful wife will come to the sink where dishes have been deposited all day, and build an elaborate sculpture of stacked plates, saucers, bowls, cups and glasses, whatever will fit inside another piece and then to crown it off, all the silverware goes vertical into...
  10. pixelpusher

    What are y'all having for supper?

    Fish, salad and naan bread last nite. Swordfish for Dw & DS, made a Cajun fried catfish filet for me. Currently sitting here at the orthodontist office while sonny is getting his braces off. He’ll be in a retainer for a while, but know that’s going to be a relief for him! :D And he’ll look like...
  11. pixelpusher

    Pet Peeves

    Erector sets were fun. It was awful to step on the little bolts and nuts tho. Then LEGOs came along and said “hold my beer”. Those things would almost put you in the hospital to step on them barefoot.
  12. pixelpusher

    Steps where Jesus said to heal a blind man unearthed in Jerusalem

    Couple of weeks ago Sergio and Rhoda in Israel had an episode on the Pool of Siloam. Videos like that are probably as close as going to Israel I'll ever see before the Millennium.
  13. pixelpusher

    Pop Tarts

    Yep. I just put a new box of frosted raspberry ones on the counter for DS after last night's grocery run. I ate one a few weeks ago, delicious, but not something I want to eat every day. He can eat them, his metabolism is still running like a hamster on a wheel, whereas mine's taking a nap.
  14. pixelpusher

    Favorite and funniest (to you) comic strips.

    Calvin and Hobbes takes the all-time cake for me, but that was really in the young "adult" years, when I used to read the funnies as a kid, Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Nancy, Family Circus, all of them really. I'd like to see a Gary Larsen Far Side take on Karine-Jean Pierre boo-hooing at her...
  15. pixelpusher

    Are You A Coffee Drinker?

    And thus the stampede was invented, and also roping and riding bulls. High Ho Silver, Away! No, really, Away!! :deadhorse
  16. pixelpusher

    Prophecy Worm Can?

    I've been a part of three churches over the years, and all of them taught prophecy basically as we know it although none majored on it. However in conversations with other "random" Christians I have got the deer in the headlights look, or post- or a-millennial views, or the "no one can...
  17. pixelpusher

    What are y'all having for supper?

    Dusted and pan-fried rainbow trout filets and either salad, or might oven roast some zuchinni, tomatoes, potatos and mushrooms to go with it cause that is what we have in the fridge.
  18. pixelpusher

    God confirmed he’s listening

    I often do this in my work as well, praying for good ideas, to make the right choices, and serve clients as best I can. Who better to turn to than the greatest Designer ever Who actually invented light and color and the eyeball, and everything.
  19. pixelpusher

    What are y'all having for supper?

    Tonight's Pasta Night! :wooo