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  1. twerpv

    Let New York City Die

    They are being blamed for their own detrimental decisions. We don’t want their money or their problems. That’s why we don’t live there. However, like the demonic leadership, they want everyone to suffer with them. No thank you.
  2. twerpv

    Getting the Spirit of Babylon Out of America

    Can you post the article that you wrote here?
  3. twerpv

    Trump attacks 'liberal Jews destroying America' in Rosh Hashanah message

    Newsflash. It doesn’t matter what President Trump says or doesn’t say, the left will make up their own “ammunition”. They’ve proven they will lie. He didn’t “attack” Anyone and the JPost is straight propaganda. They are on ignore.
  4. twerpv

    Interesting Observation

    This is how have read it. That Neb was saved.
  5. twerpv

    The Origin Of Evil

    Why did God need/want a “palace guard”? Why did the Throne need guarded? From what or who? Plus, why would God need guarding? Just curious.
  6. twerpv

    “Yes, They Were Being Bribed”: Fired Ukraine Prosecutor Corroborates Biden Corruption

    Everyone already knows this. Including the sheeple. Thei just don’t care cuz Orange Man bad
  7. twerpv

    Are all promises from Scripture for you?

    This is good to point out in my opinion. I agree also that not all of Gods promises are for all people. I believe many were/are specifically for Israel and the Jews.
  8. twerpv

    Taco Bell is going cashless

    We try to pay everything with a credit card. Get points, protected from scams and abuse and earn points. We just pay off that balance every month. We don’t spend money we don’t already have. Been doing that for 20+ years. Bottom line, we know that this ‘world’ will ultimately control everything...
  9. twerpv

    First Republican Debates August 23, 2023

    The ‘debate’ should be about the way our current government is collectively trying to tear down/apart the US. EVERY so called candidate should ignore any questions and solely focus on what the GOP and Dem ruling class is doing to this country. They wouldn’t have to even mention President Trump...
  10. twerpv

    Trump’s bond in Georgia case set at $200,000

    This what the useful idiots are not seeing/can’t see past their illogical hate for President Trump. They will be the target at some point. I used to wonder how nazi Germany came about (when I was in HS). I don’t wonder anymore. I’m seeing the process happen rn.
  11. twerpv

    US must reduce aid given to Israel, Republican candidate Ramaswamy says

    I stopped reading after this: “In an interview on Rumble, a platform popular with far right viewers….” No need for that ‘qualifier’ other than to push your agenda.
  12. twerpv

    Donald Trump supporters leak names, addresses of grand jurors

    I’m officially super cynical now. My initial thoughts: A. JPost? Yeah not reading that propaganda. B.”Pro-Trump” and “non-partisan”. Yeah sure. C. Are we sure it wasn’t a left wing group trying to frame a “Pro-Trump” group? The “journalists” have done this to themselves. Almost all of them...
  13. twerpv

    US Attorney General appoints special counsel in Hunter Biden case

    Mark my words, the “special counsel” will be investigating Trump and his allies before too long.
  14. twerpv

    UK Muslim student org hosts IRGC talks calling for war on Jews

    It’s amazing how obvious satan’s hate is towards Israel and yet people (most?) have such a blind eye to see it. It’s one of the things I bring up to my non-Christian friends regarding the TRUTH of the Bible.
  15. twerpv

    About half of US Republicans could spurn Trump if he is convicted

    Trump won’t win, unless……..God says yes