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    Birth Pangs Gain Momentum

    If you keep track of earthquakes you know that the volume of quakes over 5.0 has really taken off in the past several years. Revelation tells us that natural events will begin to misbehave during the Trib. Volcanoes and earthquakes are strongly related so don't be surprised if some volcanoes...
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    US home prices still face a 'steep and sustained' decline this year, economist warns

    We bought our present home in 2021 @ $225,000. Six months later it was worth $300,000. I was a real estate appraiser for 35 years and I never saw increases like that. But, in my experience, prices WILL come down. Interest rates are up and there is a new project with very slow sales near...
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    Why Are Walmart & Other Major U. S. Retailers Canceling Billions Of Dollars In Orders As Summer Comes To An End?

    The last time I bought corn it was 5 ears for $2.00. Last week it was $.89 each ear. That is over double. Things are bad now and gonna get way worse.
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    Let New York City Die

    Many moons ago when I was in elementary school we had several migrant students in the classroom each year at harvest time. Their parents migrated in to pick crops and then left after harvest season. The kids spoke no English. But they were not permanent residents. They came in, picked crops and...
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    Society Must Be Rooted in the Truth’: DeSantis Unveils Religious Liberty Agenda

    Biden used to be against abortion. He was one of the few Dems that held that position. Then a whole bunch of high ranking Dems approached him about running for Prez. And guess what. Biden caved.
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    Gas prices in your area?

    Last weekend we went thru Miami south into the Keys. On the way back I saw a station in the Keys with regular st $3.42. At the same brand station on the mainland it was $3.69. Do why is gas cheaper on an island than it is on the mainland? Does this make sense to anyone?
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    Plane crash in Brazil's Amazon state leaves 14 dead

    I truly hope all were Christians.
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    Rescuers hunt for Morocco quake survivors as death toll rises to 2,122

    Remember that a lot of the collapsed house were homemade. This is in an isolated region in the mountains. But the Moroccan response so far has been despicable. The gov should be ashamed.
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    I live in Tavares, FL which is surrounded by 3 very large lakes. As a result of those lakes we have a fairly steady breeze during hot summer months. It may get up to 95 degrees but it is still comfortable. During the winter the lakes also moderate cold weather so we average only 3 freezing...
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    Florida residents urged to leave as Hurricane Idalia approaches

    The weather in Tavares, FL is overcast with a nice breeze from the south. Only one small cypress limb down. Rain stopped a while back. RY
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    It is hot as blazes here in Tavares, Fl. But we are totally surrounded by big lakes which produce a nice breeze. I have lived in Gainesville and Miami and 6 places in between. Tavares has the most moderate weather in FL.
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    Hot as all get.out. Record highs in Orlando. It hits you like a blast furnace to open an outside door. We have a bunch of big lakes in my area and we usually have a nice breeze. I have been staying indoors as much as possible.
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    How Will the World Explain the Rapture?

    Think about what will happen after the Rapture. Many businesses will fail due to lack of customers. Houses and apartments will be vacant and the real estate market will crash. There will be an excess of cars with no one to buy them. And tax revenues will plummet so some governments may fail. How...
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    Gas prices in your area?

    Gas has been way up and way down recently. Right now it is way up. Thank you so much, Biden.
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    No clouds in the sky and a gentle breeze blowing. Hot but the breeze cools things down to acceptable levels.
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    Gas prices in your area?

    Gas just jumped a bunch. What is amazing is the difference between gas and diesel is now very low. I drove a diesel VW a few years back and paid a premium of $0.30 over gas. The difference today is much less.
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    y'all need Jesus .. I just bought my second bottle of Lipo Flavonoid. While I am awake and on my feet the cicadas are greatly reduced. But the volume returns when I lay down. And if I don't fall asleep quickly the cicada noise increases until I fall asleep. If things don't get better after the...
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    I call my tinnitus after cicadas. They are bugs that can make a ton of noise after a rain in my area. So I have cicadas in my ears.
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    I have tinnitus in my ears. I guess it comes with age. I have used Lipo Flavonoid for the past month and the volume during the day is reduced but it is still louder at night. Anyone else had tinnitus and had successful treatment ?
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    Hot as Hades. You do NOT want to spend eternity like this!!!