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  1. Dan the Elder

    The Ten Horns/Kings

    See you in the clouds!!! :hat
  2. Dan the Elder

    I'm broken and I don't know if I can keep on.

    HH, I've been where you are. No,, I can't say I've been abused, but I've been broken. Broken marriage, children won't associate with me, family members dying --- I was broken, alone, losing and lost. I'll soon be 87 years old and have learned some life lessons. Life isn't easy, but Jesus...
  3. Dan the Elder

    The Ten Horns/Kings

    I think its a very interesting viewpoint. These "technocrat Oligarchs" are controlling / ruling more than the general public has any idea. Their participation in groups like World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Org. (WHO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), wields a lot of power and...
  4. Dan the Elder

    I Hope I'm Welcome Back Here

    You have a wonderful Savior and a very large, loving family. I didn't realize this until I had gone through some trials. Welcome back!
  5. Dan the Elder

    The Lonely Road to the Blessed Hope

    One of the most encouraging articles I've read in a long time. Thank you Brother Garcia. Sometimes speaking the truth and warning others of the Wrath that's coming seems very lonely. I have been mocked, laughed at, avoided, told I'm "obsessed", and so on! It use to bother me more than it has...
  6. Dan the Elder

    Prophecy Worm Can?

    I guess I am always talking about prophecy and the imminent Rapture. Many times I get the "deer in the headlights look". I have heard responses like "Oh, we don't need to worry about that", "A day is like a thousand years - it could be a thousand years from now", "what makes you think we...
  7. Dan the Elder

    What A Man Finds Attractive-LOL

    A short description of my wife, who has more than met my ideal. Pro 31:25-31 Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to...
  8. Dan the Elder

    G20 leaders can stop climate change if rules change, UN chief says

    The "overall climate' may be getting warmer, but not because of, or by man. If they think its too warm now -- they "ain't seen nothin yet"!! 2 Peter 3:6-7 "whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: but the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word...
  9. Dan the Elder

    Two Witness: Revelation 11 and the Rosh Hashanah New Moon - A parallel?

    I have no intention of arguing either view (and I won't). I would just like to add some information that doesn't seem to be considered. 1. The Hebrew word for "Feast" is Mo'ed meaning "appointment" or "appointed time". Jesus fulfilled the spring "feasts" at their "appointed time"! 2. Jesus is...
  10. Dan the Elder

    Things are Moving FAST!

    My childhood was in the 1940's -teen years in the 1950's, started working on computers in 1961. Yep, I've seen a lot of change. Many people would say it made things easier, more convenient, better. Maybe easier and more convenient, but not better. From the 1960's on it made people more...
  11. Dan the Elder

    Globalism and the End Times Coming World Dictator (Part 1 of 2)

    Great article. I've been saying the Lord is Coming every year for the last 20+ years, but I've felt like the "Lone Ranger" until this year. I have seen more articles, heard more sermons (except in my own church), and have realized there are so many indications of His Coming than ever before...
  12. Dan the Elder

    High Ho Silver

    MY HEAVENLY HORSE One night recently, I had a strange dream. In my dream I was walking across a pasture toward a line of trees (like farmers call a “fence-row” – but there was no fence). A white horse was grazing under the shade of the trees. As soon as he sensed my approach his head went up...
  13. Dan the Elder

    High Ho Silver

    Y'all will think I'm crazy -- so join the crowd. I once had a very vivid dream of a beautiful, large white horse. He walked right across the pasture to me. I wanted to ride him but was worried I wouldn't be able to mount him (86 yrs. old). Somehow he knew, and went down on his knees. I...
  14. Dan the Elder

    Further thoughts on the 'Salvation Experience'

    In my case, I was a PK - taught all the right things, spent Sundays, Wednesday nights in church. Sat at the family table listening to discussions about the Bible and "Christian Living". I tried to meet my parent's expectations, made confession, profession, and "performed" for their sake...
  15. Dan the Elder

    How Will the World Explain the Rapture?

    Since this is all "speculation", I'm taking a bit of a twist. I have thought this event might come in a more cataclysmic "happening"; so that our disappearance will hardly be noticed, and if reported on, being a "back page clipping". My reasoning? I believe it will happen simultaneously with...
  16. Dan the Elder

    DeSantis says Trump can't win in a general election: 'Those are just the realities'

    I'm not sure any Republican could win the 'General Selections"! Time IS running Out - and I'm just waiting for the elevator!!! :prophet
  17. Dan the Elder

    Disclosure, Aliens, and the Apocalypse

    *****BREAKING NEWS***** I'm an "Alien" -- Phil. 3:20 says so "But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior." Amen?? "This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere...
  18. Dan the Elder

    New York police found soundproof room in home of accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann’s: Report

    We had a next door neighbor that told us he was making one of his downstairs rooms soundproof. He had a son who played the drums, and we were grateful. The next occupants of the house had a grown son living at home whose "hobby" (or racket), was "rooster fighting". He kept roosters in an...
  19. Dan the Elder

    Church today

    I think many pastors today are more concerned about attendance and offering income than in people's souls. They're afraid they'll "offend" people who come on Sunday mornings (to fulfill their weekly obligation, and have their "ears tickled"). Our church is looking for a new pastor and I...
  20. Dan the Elder

    Russian Roulette

    I've been thinking and wondering about Putin and Russia. Hal's right, Putin is becoming a desperate man. Like the U. S. his military is very depleted and not like it once was. His economy is shot. He has joined BRICS, but China will be dominate in that group, and Xi has told Putin not to use...