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  1. ForgivenOne

    Stars Wars spaceship on Mars? NASA probe spots mysterious object like 'Star Destroyer' on Red Planet

    Hmmm, and for such a dry, dusty planet, that black object looks remarkably clean. Alien Endust? :starfighter :marvin
  2. ForgivenOne

    Astronomers discover the biggest thing in the Universe

    This is awesome. Reminds me of an article I read about the Fibonacci Numbers that abounds in all of nature. It truly is magnificent to see God in absolutely everything. And... a 1:20,000 chance that this galaxy was an accident? Not in my book. It's all GOD!!!:yeah
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    Deep Impact. Meteor Hits Iran Tonight.

    Here is a link to the article in the Science Notice that is referenced in the video. Call me crazy, but the picture used in the article for the Iranian meteorite strike looks exactly like the picture showing the meteorite explosion over Russia in 2013 that was all over the news. Iran Meteorite...
  4. ForgivenOne

    Disappearing Dead Sea -> Sinkholes Form

    Thank you AH. It's been a rough road the last few months (actually more than a few), and it's not quite done. Hopefully things will settle down and I can get online more often. And yes, it would be interesting to see if more artifacts are found. That actually went through my head as I was...
  5. ForgivenOne

    Disappearing Dead Sea -> Sinkholes Form

    There are numerous photos in this article, which you really should see just to understand the scope of the damage. Surrounding cropland is being affected, which calls to mind future prophecy in Revelation 6 (Rev 6:6)...
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    FOIA Regulations Deleted for White House Records

    The White House has eliminated the Freedom of Information Act:
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    Cyclone Pam Heading Toward New Zealand The devastation was terrible in Vanuatu. Praying for everyone in New Zealand!
  8. ForgivenOne

    The Real Obama

    Hmmm, while he doesn't hide his feelings about muslims, Christianity, and the U.S., isn't it reaching a little to jump to the conclusion that O is giving the ISIS salute? I mean, I do the same thing when it adds to what I'm saying; like a 'hang on a second' sign when one of my granddaughters...
  9. ForgivenOne

    US says Iran far off from a working nuke, others differ

    All the world's leaders, save Bibi, are truly deluded IMO. Praying with you, Randall, for the Iranian people to come to the Lord.
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    Dozens of Assyrian Christians Kidnapped by ISIS

    Why just those 29; why not all of them?
  11. ForgivenOne

    Nobel Peace prize chairman (who awarded Obama the Peace Prize) is demoted.

    :hehee hilarious. It was hilarious when they awarded it to him, and it's hilarious now
  12. ForgivenOne

    Is this picture a 'seed' sent to Earth by aliens? Scientists discover mysterious organism

    :abduct Heh, after the rapture the powers-that-be will be pointing back to this article. See? It was the aliens who abducted all the missing people.
  13. ForgivenOne

    Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan

    Gun control/registry, buy up all the ammo, federal health care, and now this. What's next?
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    Here you go:
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    China Supports Russia Against Western Powers

    It would not be striking if the author was the least bit familiar with their Bible.
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    If this is even remotely true, then I would say that the circle is 99.999999% complete. Indeed to our knees to pray, and to be about the Lord's work as much as we can.
  17. ForgivenOne

    3.1M Near the New Madrid Fault

    Been a while since I've seen one this high in magnitude. 2 and below, usually unfelt, are the norm:
  18. ForgivenOne

    Life On Earth In The Millennium

    I've always understood that those of us raptured will not live on the planet; but I'm thinking we can probably come and go, to visit. I can hardly wait.