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  1. Jonathan

    Amazon removes Nazi propaganda movies from its platforms following protest

    I hate the fact that you are probably right.
  2. Jonathan


    A professor teaching physics at a prominent university was talking about the earth, it's nature, orbit, etc. when an elderly lady in the back of the room stood up and yelled "That's BS! Everyone knows the world is flat!" The professor condescendingly rubbed his chin with a chuckle and asked the...
  3. Jonathan

    Amazon removes Nazi propaganda movies from its platforms following protest

    I own a copy of Mein Kampf. Obviously, I am not a Nazi. (The late comedian Norm MacDonald had a great line, where he said, "I was against Hitler before it was COOL to be against Hitler." - The implication being the absurdity of the possibility of virtue signaling by saying "I am against the...
  4. Jonathan

    It’s all about ‘turpitude’: Making sense of the Netanyahu plea bargain reports

    It's always a pleasure to learn a new word. I had to look it up. (Am I the only one who has never been exposed to "turpitude" as a word?)
  5. Jonathan

    Another End Times question:

    Bookmarked brother. Thanks.
  6. Jonathan

    Another End Times question:

    In addition to my previous question, I have yet another. There are a number of souls I have come across on the internet (few in number, but no doubt representing a very large number of kindred souls) who say that the events in Revelation have already happened centuries ago, Since there is very...
  7. Jonathan

    What is the TRUE definition of dispensationalism? (and is it true?)

    Or better yet, does it mean something that I don't think it means, or on the hand it does The Old Testament clearly demands stoning for a very certain crime (don't bother looking for it). just trust me when I say that the process is hideous, repulsive, disgusting and inhumane, And a dictate you...
  8. Jonathan

    Breaking News "Happy New Year RF!"

    I think I getting Not wiser, not more experienced, not more intelligent... just old. Because, apparently, some kind of ball will drop in NYC and I have zero interest in seeing it. And my lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with politics, world view, etc. I just don't really care...
  9. Jonathan

    'Psycho' squirrel on 48-hour rampage leaves 18 people injured

    Just go ahead and admit it.... there is some place deep in your soul where you are rooting for the squirrel.
  10. Jonathan

    Ghislaine Maxwell convicted of setting up girls for Epstein sex abuse

    Despite the great advances in culture and human enlightenment over the last few decades, it would seem that there still remains a stigma against psycho-sexual pedophilic sex traffickers. That being the case and with utter sympathy, she succeeded in her craft through cunning and creativity. She...
  11. Jonathan

    IRS says income from stolen goods and illegal activities must be reported on taxes

    Quite the screwy conundrum if you think about it. Let's pretend politicians are as clean as the wind driven snow. And then immediately disabuse us of that lie. So, basically, I think through the IRS's tax collection, we could probably wipe out our debt in no time if all of the corrupt...
  12. Jonathan

    Jesus, our salvation.

    One of the hardest things I have grappled with in my faith, is the fact that the Gospels, while steaming forward on the internet like a lit fuse,, are not only universally available (at this time) but also were scant and hard to come by in centuries past. What happens to the souls who never...
  13. Jonathan

    It's Official, Hillary is Under Investigation

    A Are you ready... please forgive me if my post was harsh. It was NOT directed at you. My use of the term "you" was in the general sense as in, "What can anyone do?" If I came off as offensive, please accept my apology as that was not my intent. God Bless.
  14. Jonathan

    Excellent source for audio commentaries

    I didn't even know they HAD an app! Thanks for the tip!
  15. Jonathan

    Excellent source for audio commentaries

    My brother, I am always weary of posting a link that might lead others to stray. I find this source very intestion
  16. Jonathan

    It's Official, Hillary is Under Investigation

    Fat chance, parachute pants.... Hillary is drenched in sin and law breaking. She is the perfect example of two divided systems of justice. She has blood on her hands both in terms of international policy "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!?!?!?!" as well as actual murders. (Look up the Clinton kill...
  17. Jonathan

    Video Released On Ethan Crumbley!

    Now that is messed up.
  18. Jonathan

    Stop or I'll Shoot!

    Strictly speaking, I am not quite sure "Stop of I'll Shoot" was ever legal, although I have no doubts that such a scenario happened many, many times. The only thing that could possible justify the shooting of someone running away is if there was reasonable suspicion that they were going to...
  19. Jonathan

    Excellent source for audio commentaries

    I just discovered a few minutes ago and I wish I had known about it a lot earlier. It contains a ton of streaming and downloadable audio commentaries from people such as J. Vernon McGee and Dr. Chuck Missler, two of my favorite teachers. Well worth your time to check it out...
  20. Jonathan

    Thought for the day

    "I" is in the DEAD center of a lot of bad things, if you think about it: prIde sIn lucIfer