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  1. annieforjesus

    in need of a new bible....

    Thank you so much, Matthew6:33, ..I needed some input because this friend is saved but never really had solid Bible teaching...when she opened up and said she had trouble reading the KJV, , I wanted to help her be able to read for herself, to clear up errors she may have been taught, rather than...
  2. annieforjesus

    in need of a new bible....

    I love the KJV and the NKJV also, and I need to ask for some input about giving a NLT to a friend who has always found the KJV hard to read...I do read the NLT sometimes because it is a much easier read and I don't notice that it changes meanings.. she's older, as I am and my intention in giving...
  3. annieforjesus

    Ben & Jerry's to boycott West Bank settlements, east Jerusalem

    I didn't know about Bernie Sanders ice cream, when you take the lid off probably all you'd see would be a big nut and a wrinkled prune.. that's how I'd make it.
  4. annieforjesus

    Nikki Haley: Israel isn’t responsible for Palestinian suffering, Hamas is

    I believe she is a Christian and pray that God will bless her and use her for His glory...
  5. annieforjesus

    Christianity Without Christ

    This is excellent teaching.. I'd like to say that over the years one lesson I learned was to go to Jesus, directly, with everything..and that alone changed everything..when problems and sorrows came, I caught myself wanting to call a friend..when I became aware that I wasn't going to Jesus...
  6. annieforjesus

    If You Die Tomorrow, Where Will You Spend Eternity?

    I love reading Nathelle's articles..and it is good to have the question settled in our hearts.. I'm at that stage of life where I could leave for my heavenly home may sound dumb but I worry a little sometimes about how much trouble I will leave for my friends to deal with...I try to...
  7. annieforjesus

    Hi there....

    Welcome... It is good to have you here.
  8. annieforjesus

    Lifestyle of praise and worship.

    In the last few years I've begun to listen to sermons by solid teachers for the first couple of hours in the morning and then for an hour or more before I go to sleep..the unusual thing is that I've lost interest in hearing or watching most anything else..of course at my age, I have so much time...
  9. annieforjesus

    Maranatha And Soon

    Excellent article..thank you for Believers we have all seen how sin and evil has intensified, but to me, it has gone past the point, on so many levels, where God has sent His judgement in the past...not only do the godless practice their special sin, they are "proud" of it..they also...
  10. annieforjesus

    Sense of urgency

    I also feel a sense of urgency and lately I see things happening that send a chill through me..I rarely watch CNN, but stopped there this morning because they had a spot titled, the alarming rise of anti-Semitism in is truly alarming how fast the ungodly are coming together in pure...
  11. annieforjesus

    The chosen tv show

    I've made the choice to not watch the show for my reasons...I have honestly become so sensitive to all of the false teaching that's being given out that it just hurts me to see the gospel changed in any way or to be taken lightly..but that's where I'm at..losing one of my best Christian friends...
  12. annieforjesus

    Are You Ready?

    Oh yes, I am so ready... I'm 73 and never did I imagine seeing what I have seen... I'm able to tune out the noise and distraction that evil is promoting because God tells us to pray for our my last few years I really understand why..God loves people, but not their sin ,so many people...
  13. annieforjesus

    12 Story building collapses in Miami

    I'm praying for all of the people there...after living in Florida for 20 years, my guess is it was likely a sinkhole the next town over from me a house collapsed into a sinkhole and one man was in his bedroom, , it happened so fast he couldn't get out and so they had to bury him...
  14. annieforjesus

    CBF-Affiliated Baptist Church Ordains First Known Transgender Pastor in Denomination’s History

    I have been looking for any news about the SBC convention that was held in Nashville last week but haven't seen any articles.
  15. annieforjesus

    Coming Up Short Praying for Enemies

    I really hate what false teachers do because they lead people away from the truth of God's Word, so I do pray for their salvation because when they are judged by Almighty God they are going to finally suffer the consequences for the harm they've caused... it is only by the grace of God that I...
  16. annieforjesus

    So....what to make of Trump's “defeat”

    Umbrella Girl, I agree with you 100 percent, and seeing Netanyahu taken out of office confirms to me that things are speeding up for the end times, which means we are even closer to the me old and stubborn, which I am , but , we really do know that if God wanted Trump and Bibi in...
  17. annieforjesus

    Exciting times watching Bible prophecy being fulfilled in Israel

    Oh, yes, it is awesome to see prophecy unfolding before our eyes.. and just think, we can understand the book of Daniel better than he could..he was told to shut up the book until the time of the we read it and it makes such good sense to us..
  18. annieforjesus

    Pride Month: Nickelodeon Drag Queen Music Video Explains the Colors of the LGBTQ+ Flag

    When I see their outrageous statements the words that come to my mind are "God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble" I've discussed this with a good friend and we both say, wonder if sometime the liberals will want to have marches to support adulterers, fornicators, and pedophiles...
  19. annieforjesus

    Happy Birthday Mary Cole!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday...